Our high commissioner to Australia, Vicki Treadell, has, presumably on instructions from No 10, told the Aussies (big coal exporters) that they should be doing much more to cut their emissions; and that, if they didn’t, “that would not be acceptable”. For her pains Treadell has been described as “a sanctimonious bore” by what are described as “Australian government sources”. They went on to accuse the Queen’s representative of “repeatedly overstepping the mark on climate change by giving us lectures on what our sovereign domestic policy should be”.

High Commissioners are the reps for the government. Governors General are the reps for the Queen.


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  1. If Australia wasn’t a huge exporter of energy I guarantee it would be the sanctimonious bore of the world over fossil fuels.

  2. 27 million people in a pleasant climate. Their emissions don’t even rise to the level of rounding error.

    Western governments after WWII “Never again will the spectre of fascism haunt the world.” Western governments now “The unvaccinated are untermenchen and it is OK to deny them employment, health care and travel.”

  3. @Ottokring – October 17, 2021 at 8:20 am

    Wouldn’t our govt be more use complaining that Australia is now a Fascist Tyranny ?

    I think that they might yet complain, but only out of jealousy.

  4. Roué,

    According to the Our World in Data website, Australia’s CO₂ emissions per capita are on a par with the U.S. at around 16 t per person. The UK is much lower with just 5½ t per person.

    Taking into account their respective population sizes, that means Australia actually emits more than the UK.

  5. Andrew M
    Interesting, and I didn’t realise we were so much lower than the US.
    Does mean that the CO2 outputs of both Aus and the UK are rounding errors tho’.

  6. Andrew M,
    Wow. I didn’t know that. Presumably travel around that huge continent. I’ll bet it’s a lot lower this year.

  7. @Roué… Air-conditioning maybe? Lots of call for it in the USA and Oz, not much in the UK.. (unfortunately).

  8. Roue, damifino why we emit so much more than the UK. I didn’t know your living standards were that much lower.

    BJ, I’ll have to install some air conditioning myself to uphold Aussie pride!!

  9. I think energy used in air-con balances (to a decent first order approximation) that for heating. But transport in countries where major cities are thousands of miles apart, rather than dozens, will definitely increase energy consumption per head.

    In Perth, we were told that the nearest city of over a million was Jakarta – not sure if that’s true, but it’s too good a line to check :).

  10. @AndrewM Might be because Australia still has actual industry.
    Plus I’ve a suspicion that UK number is massively rigged because of Carbon Pardons.

  11. Not the Queen’s representative, yes. The santimonious bore part I will believe though.

    The thrust of the article was about the intervention of the Royal family into global politics though. From an Australian point of view, the main reason the republican referendum here failed in 1999 was over an argument as to how an Australian President would be elected (Parliament or popular vote), and in the end more people were happy with a hands off sovereign than a potentially politised head of state. If William is going to go down the lecturing path after his dad, probably won’t work out that way a second time round.

  12. I am just thrilled by the epithet “sanctimonious bore”.
    I wish more people in positions of power would describe green fascists that way.

  13. Cooling is harder than heating in a house for a given temperature gradient with “outside.” There are lots of things inside a house which generate heat: people, kettles, TVs, washing machines, etc. etc. To the point that when I had a small, well-insulated flat I didn’t actually need to put the heating on until it was about -3C outside. For cooling, you need to remove all that heat just to keep even with the outside before you start doing any actual temperature reduction. Plus, burning gas to generate heat is really quite efficient. Burning gas to generate electricity to run an air conditioner… less so.

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