Twitter might not be the problem

Social media companies ‘must do more’ to protect MPs from online hate
Matt Warman, a former digital minister, warns that more action is needed on anonymous accounts that abusers can hide behind

Knives in churches, that might be a problem. But shouting out bad names online possibly not.

12 thoughts on “Twitter might not be the problem”

  1. Before the blood was even dry on that Methodist church floor, Chris Bryant was trying to argue internet anonymity should be removed to, err, prevent Islamist fanatic Somalis from knifing English politicians in leafy suburbs.


    Don’t ask awkward questions as to how.

  2. It’s not knives – or guns or explosives or cars or trucks that are the real problem. The problem is that none of the political parties will address the real problem.

  3. MPs should be allowed all the protection the general public gets. And no more. I don’t recall having any say in the import of Somalis, but MPs did.

    Oh, and it’s a pseudonym, not anonymity.

  4. A man already known to the State, not sure how ‘anonymous’ that is. Maybe the State just forgot about him, and that counts as ‘anonymous’ now.

    The State: “Yes, we promised we would deal with these people and we fucked up, again. Here’s our solution – we go after everyone else [email protected]
    Everyone else: “Brilliant! That will work this time” (except said without irony)

  5. “Never let a crisis go to waste” as Rahm Emmanuel famously said.

    In this case it’s a chance to publish endless photos of Jo Cox and to include her name in pretty much each and every news article.

  6. 80% of the British population doesn’t have a Twitter account (in America, the figure is 85%). Twitter is a problem, in that a) politicians pay far, far too much attention to it, and b) it, Facebook, and Google have buggered up the internet, but it is absolutely not the problem.

  7. Jo Cox agitated endlessly for a war of aggression by us against Syria. The only surprise about her assassination was that the madman was white.

  8. Could be me, but shielding MP’s even more from what people really think about them and their party’s policies will only serve to make them more oblivious about Real Life™.

  9. Remember when you were a kid, and they literally showed graphic murder scenes on TV, and you didn’t repeat them in real life?

    So you can understand how words on a screen are far more effective.

  10. At the time the Pantytwisters screamed bloody murder about that as well, and boobies/nipples, and the Decline of Morals, and….
    Nothing has changed in that respect.

    What has changed is that said pantytwisters don’t have to make it past an editor+limited columnage, or the competition to get on one of the rare spots free on radio/tv shows to complain about their pet peeve in public
    They can do their shouting and wringing of hands from the comfort of their own home on a global platform.

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