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The first survey examining sexual violence by male UK students has shone a light on misogyny at universities, with scores admitting to rape, sexual assault and other forcible acts.

Of the 554 male students surveyed, 63 reported that they had committed 251 sexual assaults, rapes and other coercive and unwanted incidents in the past two years, according to researchers at the University of Kent.

Sigh. Motte and bailey. The wider definition includes sexual aggression, unwanted sexual contact. So, propositions that are not well taken. This is then used to equate with rape. When questioned everyone would say “No, it’s rape plus sexual aggression” but they’ll not correct those who say “rape”.

The finding ends up as 20% of women at British universities get raped. Which is the American result and so that’s right then, isn’t it?

This hitting that rather firm barrier that if going to uni led to a one in 5 chance of being raped then parents wouldn’t be sending their daughters, would they? One in five getting an unwanted pass though…..

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  1. Another question that comes to mind is what type of idiot would ever admit to actual rape in a survey?
    With a fair amount of them pretty prolific offenders at that, going by the numbers…

    Then again… It confirms the Narrative, so any doubt at the veracity of the claims, and the accuracy of the survey will no doubt have you Cancelled.. *shrug*

  2. It’s also likely that it’s a relatively small group of women who are subjected to this “violence”. We’ve all known prick-teasers who invite attention for the fun of rebuffing it. And last millennium when volunteering on a kibbutz (one of those situations where everyone knows everything about everyone) there was a girl who habitually drank vast quantities and then passed out, thereby allowing the lucky chap she had previously chosen (and sometimes his mates) to hump a passive sweaty warm corpse to add to his tally. Dozens and dozens of blokes, all doing stuff that could technically get them into very big trouble.

    I reckon that with a few of those girls around, my daughter is safe at Uni, statistics be damned.

  3. Bloke in North Korea (Germany province)

    Interesting the “unwanted sexual attention” is down to 20% now. It was much higher in a survey some years ago.

    Seriously, my question remains, if 20% of undergrads report receiving unwanted sexual attention what the hell were the other 80% doing wrong?

  4. I’d really love to hear the screams of outrage if separate male and female education was introduced.

    The fact that it’d solve the ‘problem’ would only make the indignant shrieks all the louder.

  5. Infantilisation and Clownworld. When I went to FE college there was less concern about welfare. You were 16, you could look after yourself. University used to treat everyone as adults and were concerned with little more than education. We’re now treating 21 year olds as children.

  6. Given that a light kiss that wasn’t appreciated qualifies here, I wonder how many women are also guilty? Probably not quite as high as the male #, but 10-15% wouldn’t surprise me at all. Somebody needs to do that study as well.

  7. “Of the 554 male students surveyed, 63 reported that they had committed 251 sexual assaults, rapes and other coercive and unwanted incidents in the past two years,”

    Besides all of the valid points made, can someone help me with the math here? 63% of 554 = 349 so did 349 people commit 251 sexual assaults, etc? So 0.7 sexual asssaults each? I thought sexual assaults couldn’t have decimals

  8. @Emil

    I think it says 63, not 63%. Those 63 obviously committed just under 4 each on average, the rest none at all.

    If the survey is to be believed.

    In a similar survey recently undertaken by me, of myself alone, 100% of those surveyed admitted to committing mass murder, arson, bank robbery or making a cheese sandwich.

  9. ‘ Of the 554 male students surveyed, 63 reported…’

    ‘Reported’ – that used to be called bragging. When I was a youngster, I learned early on to believe nothing that other youngsters said about their sexual conquests, leg-overs, bonking. Some young men think they are God’s-gift, irresistible, women ‘panting for it’… In yer dreams lad, in yer dreams.

    In fact I learned not to believe anything said about any of their exploits which made them out to be jack-the-lad, one-of-the-boys.

    That ‘researchers’ believe what people tell them, illustrates what mindless blobs they are, unemployable in proper jobs.

  10. Tons of men, myself included, have been grabbed inappropriately by a woman (while she’s drunk in a bar, trying to intimidate in a fit of rage, etc.). The difference is that we can usually take a step back and determine whether said woman is an actual threat, or is just being an asshole. There are a lot of men who go beyond that threshold when they touch women inappropriately, but if women used our same method of judgment, you can bet there would be exponentially less reports of “sexual assault.” What most men call a “desperate, thirsty chick,” some women will call a “sexual predator.” That’s why, when someone like Joe Biden actually corners a young intern and fingers her against her will, society turns a blind eye, because the feminists have now trivialized what it actually means to be violated.

  11. 63 boastful punks blowing hard about sexual “heroics”. If true at all. Who is dumb enough to tell some load of femmi-freaks about a rape you claim to have committed? Pure bullshit. Do a few tests with Plod crashing in the instant some mug admits it. 99 out of 100 such claims will turn out to be drivel.

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