Well, of course!

Britain must be shown that Brexit is “damaging”, the French prime minister told Brussels as he called for support for tougher sanctions in the fish war.

How can you maintain the membership of a not very good club unless it is shown that leaving the club is an expensive proposition?

Nice politicosocial set up you;ve got here, be a shame if something happened to it, wouldn’t it?

13 thoughts on “Well, of course!”

  1. The Frogs have been trying to conquer Britain for about a thousand years. (They did succeed once.)

    I’d suggest using all the navy’s patrol boats to turn back illegals. And to dump any people Britain wants to deport in France.

    To suggest that the UK can’t outdo the French in nonsense is downright insulting.

  2. I wonder how long the Poles are going to put up with their ‘friends’ in the club, telling their elected government “you can’t do what you were elected to do and we will fine you millions of zlotych every day for not doing what WE tell you to do”?

  3. “The Frogs have been trying to conquer Britain for about a thousand years. (They did succeed once.)”

    Not exactly. That was the Normans, an ex-Viking clique in France that weren’t altogether welcome there, and so William The Bastard came over here with his mob. The French were glad to see him go, but it took a long time before they regained all the ex-Norman (and then British) territory in Aquitaine he effectively brought with him. A Hundred Years, etc etc.

    But yes, it’s time for the Brits to stop turning the other cheek, pull up their trousers, and start stirring up trouble real good in the EU. Poland and Hungary, Czechia, all are target allies with real grievances against EU.

    And the current spat with Poland: Poland not doing what Ursula von der Karen tells them, well it’s not as if her lot haven’t got previous.

  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if the EU tells Macron to cool his heels. He’s posturing because he’s got a tough election coming up. Not sure they’ll want to get dragged into his spat; they’ve already declined once.

  5. Inflation, supply chains up the spout, fake vegetables in supermarkets… it’s a remainiac’s dream.
    French policy would work better if they pretended to pity the condition of Britain and talked loudly about how they were going to save us from the consequences of our folly.

  6. TtC: all the ex-Norman (and then British) territory

    English rather than British. The Scots took the side of the French then – rather as the Irish do now (which is a bit of a laugh since they rely on the UK for their supply chains).

  7. America must be shown that leaving the Bitish Empire is damaging.
    Ireland must be shown that leaving the United Kingdom is damaging.
    Grimsby must be shown that leaving Humberside is damaging.

  8. Macron cant even get it that being a cunt is damaging him. And he is going to teach us?

    Abolish VAT and Corp Tax now and see how his EU mates thank Macron for stirring shite up.

  9. I lked this bit

    “…leaving the Union is more damaging than remaining in it.”

    Sooooo, remaining is damaging, but leaving is even more so? Is that really the message?

  10. The history of those Normans is really quite amazing, to the extent of getting into all sorts of scrapes in the Eastern Mediterranean during the times of the Crusades. Truly a vigorous people.

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