What annoys is that they just such damn bad lawyers

This lot:

Many have questioned whether it is possible to agree a clear definition of so-called conversion therapy. We recommend that it is simply referred to as “any practice that seeks to suppress, ‘cure’ or change a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity”.

Buying someone that extra gin – heck, a coffee – to see if they’d like to try a shag the other side of the gender division from their regular practice now becomes a crime in international law.

Seduction to be made illegal?

That before we get to the stupidity of the legal idea itself. Some folks ain’t happy with their sexual orientation nor gender identity. Those folks aiding Carrie are changing her gender identity ain’t they? Every trans clinic is now illegal?

It’s the fact that this is just such bad lawyering which is the most annoying thing.

14 thoughts on “What annoys is that they just such damn bad lawyers”

  1. Tell lesbians they need to learn to love the female penis, however… well just don’t call it conversion therapy.

  2. Britain needs clear laws to protect LGBT+ people from ‘conversion therapies’

    Are our nation’s poofters being strapped to a chair and forced to watch Holly’s Willoughboobies, Ludovico style, until they agree to marry and do sex to a woman and then rarely speak to her like God and Darwin intended?


    “Conversion therapy”, in Clown World, means grown ups willingly seeking out other adults to have a quiet chat about their unwanted sexual urges and also anyone who asks mental trannies (but I repeat myself) to wait for a minute and think about what they’re doing before getting their crotch permanently Clive Barkered into a bloody void of eternal pain and horror.

  3. Perhaps if you’re confused about which way you swing, and you’re worried about somebody trying to ‘Convert’ you, the most appropriate solution would be to go fuck yourself ?

  4. I’m so glad we now know any notion of ‘Trans’ being a mental issue is no longer allowed and anyone considering themselves to be ‘in the wrong body’ should be fast tracked into the operating theatre to have bits cut off / ‘remodeled’.
    Of course, in the current climate, this will be at the expense of those with genuine medical needs or LIFE THREATENING illnesses, but I am sure those who die or consequently suffer will be grateful.

    What was that oath they are supposed to swear?…..First do no harm?

  5. Helena Kennedy. From her Wiki entry, associated with Oxford University therefore can be safely diagnosed as barking mad.

  6. So when will they apply this to our high schools, where students of a particular orientation ate forced to sit though endless proselytizing for gender realignment?

    Thought so.

  7. @ bloke in spain
    Err, excuse me. Oxford is my alma mater and I object to the suggestion that makes me barking mad 😉

    But, the story does remind me of something I was told maaaaany years ago. Back when genetic engineering was starting to be “a thing”. The story goes that the government of the day was preparing to pass a law saying something like any activity (other than licensed research) intended to or likely to create a unique genetic entity was illegal. And apparently there were lots of letters to the times to say it was going to ruin their love lives.

  8. Is the real reason so they can use this to go after the churches, even ‘the sin not the sinner’ is too much for the gender zealots and Christians (they seem to have a blank spot on Islam and Homophobia) joyously celebrating buggery, extolling it’s virtues and adding an 11th commandment for it seems to be their goal. Sadly when it comes to the CoE they seem to be progressing well on their agenda

  9. “any practice that seeks to suppress, ‘cure’ or change a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity”

    So that’s made ‘self-id’ illegal then, excellent

  10. even ‘the sin not the sinner’ is too much for the gender zealots and Christians

    Yarp. “The sin, not the sinner” also isn’t a Christian belief. It’s not in the Old Testament, which informs us God hates the wicked, or the New Testament, where his son promises worse things than millstones to people who harm the little children who believe in him.

    Christianity is not a religion of peace, it’s an urgent call to arms against the evil that would devour our souls.

  11. Asia – pfft. Why do you guys act like the observation that humans are corrupt and self-serving is le epic own of Xtianity?

    We know.

  12. “It’s an urgent call to arms against the evil that would devour the clergys’ meal ticket.”

    Don’t forget these people’s meal-tickets, too.

    Incidentally, I find it fascinating that the Church of Scotland sees fit to hide its identity in its charitable works. While that website mentions that it’s “a christian organisation”, the words “Church of Scotland”, which used to form part of the Mission’s very name, don’t appear anywhere. It’s the same with its counselling service; when I was involved with it about a decade ago, even some of its staff were unaware of the Kirk connection, and they actually took quite a bit of convincing.

    No wonder people think the Churches don’t do any good.

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