When’s he going to work this out?

Retail sales are falling. Covid is returning. Recession is coming.

Pubs and restaurants are not part of retail sales.

Retail sales peaked 5 months ago. When did pubs and restaurants reopen?

7 thoughts on “When’s he going to work this out?”

  1. Covid is returning
    When are TPTB going to notice that the more people are vaccinated the more “cases” there are?

  2. When are TPTB going to notice that the more people are vaccinated the more “cases” there are?

    When noticing will increase the advantage to them and their bank balances.

  3. @asiaseen, More cases compared to some carefully selected low for comparison… CoVid incidence reports and headlines have achieved Max Cringe in the past weeks…

    It’s Sniffle Season. It’s utterly amazing that a now-endemic virus that’s always been well-known for its habit to travel on the tails of whatever lowers/occupies the body’s defenses is making a “comeback”.

    And like it or not, the vaccines do work, simply judging by the fact that the vast majority of hospitalised cases are now unvaccinated, with the vast majority of vaccinated peeps being hospitalised are those where, after some poking, you tend to find that they fall in the High Risk category (including the bit of Being Well Over 80 Years Old.)

    Not that this will stop a new, increased round of Ausweis Bitte! kneejerking in the next months, because most of us here would agree that this whole excercise has gone way past the point of attempting to control a viral outbreak, and has firmly entered 1984 territory. And there’s simply too much at stake for the Busybodies.
    But the vaccines in and of themselves do their job as well as can be expected.

  4. Visiting the Yukon and no vaccine passports and no general mask mandates though some places do have a sign asking you to please wear one. Feels a relief compared to current craziness elsewhere.
    Even at the airport there’s no mandate for masks though you then have to put one on when you get on a plane only to take it off when they give you food or a drink which means have to wear them for take off and landing mainly
    Really is just all theatre.
    US is opening land border but Canadians are saying if you cross can’t come back unless you show a negative PCR test in last 72 hours, would be interesting to see how constitutional/legal it is to refuse entry to your own citizens and how enforceable it is if you have a lot of people turn up who haven’t been tested. To add to the fun a PCR test is from date taken and in some cases can take over 72 hours to get results back so not a lot of use or if less only have a limited time to use it

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