Yes, indeed, blame Brexit

Christmas crackers exported to Northern Ireland must be exempt from Brexit red tape in the same way as British sausages, Tory and DUP politicians said on Wednesday.

British cracker makers face burdensome regulations for the first time this Christmas if they want to export to Northern Ireland because of Brexit and the Irish Sea border.

The dinner diversions are subject to new paperwork and testing rules because the UK left the EU on December 31 after the Brexit deal was struck on Christmas Eve last year.

And now think a little bit. When we were inside the EU all those things made by the 6.5 billion people outside it were faced with these same sorts of obstacles. Now that we’re outside we can – if we wish – reduce those barriers to such imports.

8 thoughts on “Yes, indeed, blame Brexit”

  1. Make their own : bog roll, crepe paper, tinsel, shout “Bang”.
    Also eco friendly as reusable.

    Same for pigs in blankets ( obviously they are not reusable, well not many times).

  2. I must admit I’d just export what I wanted to NI. If the EU didn’t like it, they could establish customs posts at the NI border.

    The problem really, is theirs.

  3. Roue,

    “As Sir Terry would say, we have left the EU for a given value of “left”.”

    Yes, but the important thing is that it’s now a Westminster matter. They can’t just shrug and say “sorry, we’d like to do something but EU, not my problem guv”.

    And we desperately need Farage back in politics and a new right party. I say Farage because he’s got the charisma and the draw. He may be Marmite, but he’s also a titan and if he gave his blessing to a party, they’d be on 10% of the vote. Push the Tories over to the left, which is where they’re heading anyway and have a good party of the right again.

  4. . . . but he’s also a titan . . .

    Farage has resorted to saying pro-IRA birthday messages for a hundred quid a time. He’s not a serious figure. I don’t think anyone is; just a complete worthless shower of bastards.

  5. Well then we will have to strike out on our own and ignore the fucking state wreckers. Shall centuries indeed millennia of effort be destroyed cos we dont have the balls to say “Fuck Off Mr Govt Prick”.

    And make it stick.

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