A natural experiment

It is not surprising the bishop couldn’t recall Swealmeen: the Anglican cathedral had confirmed hundreds of asylum seekers from Muslim countries in recent years. The Home Office regards this as something of a scam: if the conversion to Christianity is accepted as genuine by a tribunal, asylum will be granted because such apostates are at risk if returned to their country of origin.

Last week The Times revealed an ad placed on Instagram by a people-smuggling network, claiming that conversion to Christianity was a way of winning an asylum claim “in the shortest possible time with the lowest cost”. In 2016 the Dean of Liverpool admitted there had been no similar rush to convert to Christianity among Muslims who already had British citizenship: “I can’t think of a single example.”

If you change just the one variable then do you get a different result?

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  1. Delingpole wrote about this a few days ago, and I have to agree with his conclusion that the CofE is a sick institution.
    It’s blackpilling, but it may be that the only hope for the West is that the Muslamics get corrupted by Globohomo too.

  2. The criticism of the C of E is certainly justified. But so is criticism of those who take their nonsense seriously, and argue that it’s the church that is to blame.

  3. If a Henry VIII solution were applied to the considerable assets of the COE by how much would the national debt be reduced?

  4. Kyle – the most telling thing in Dellers’ article is the priests and priestesses speaking out against having children. Somebody needs to go forth and multiply, in all senses of the expression.

    Arthur – Our ancient friends are either at your throat or at your feet. Tomas Torquemada did nothing wrong.

    Ljh – if only we had a ruler like the splendidly irascible gingernut Henry today. I don’t see much point in the monarchy persisting beyond our current sovereign (God save her).

  5. Perhaps I could, in all humility, offer the CoE the following elegant solution: could they not just say to those born to muslim parents, raised in Islam, and who are seeking confirmation into the Christian Communion “If you are genuinely and sincerely converted to Christianity, then it is your christian duty to keep quiet about it rather than endanger the immortal souls of your muslim neighbours by tempting them into murdering you”?

    That sounds like a deeply traditional anglican solution to me.

  6. If a Henry VIII solution were applied to the considerable assets of the COE by how much would the national debt be reduced?

    Not a lot. The CofE’s endowment is just over £8 billion, which would pay for a couple of miles of HS2, I suppose. But most of their assets are buildings – how much is Canterbury Cathedral worth? And many of those buildings need to be maintained, half the grade 1 listed buildings in England are ecclesiastical.

  7. I wonder if they conclude each confirmation ceremony with choir auditions, a celebratory meal of pork chops, washed down with some beer, and ending the day with a “welcome to the congregation” dance?

  8. Criticism of the church should always be extended to include the immigration tribunals that eagerly seize on this ready-made justification to make the desired ruling. They are the real problem, the church are merely enablers.

  9. Bloke in North Korea (Germany province)

    “Also a Henry VIII solution applied to, literally, the heads of the CoE.”

    A bit late to the party but the CofE IS a Henry VIII solution itself. It was his solution to Catholic divorce laws.

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