A simple enough solution

The Government has also failed to challenge the political appointments watchdog’s intervention in the recruitment process for top quango jobs. It was reported this week that the Office of the Commissioner for Public Appointments blocked Tory-endorsed interview panellists for the role of BBC chairman, as well board members for the British Film Institute and the Office for Students. This was justified on the basis that those put forward weren’t “independent”.

The problem is partly that the power of the soft Left establishment is even stickier than many Brexiteers imagined. It has rigged the system by elevating “process” to an almost spiritual status, while subjectively defining the qualities candidates need to succeed.

Admit that political appointments are political and make them on political grounds. Like Federal judges in America……

4 thoughts on “A simple enough solution”

  1. An even simpler solution would be to abolish all those quangos that need appointees.

    When do we get the bonfire we were promised?

  2. BiW beat me to it. Get rid of all these goons and the goons who oversee them.

    Incidentally, the Commissioner for Public Appointments is an ex-FT and Times hack. I reckon I could guess his position on all the key matters of the day.

  3. The Left’s modus operandi is to pretend such things are apolitical. For example abortion is about healthcare; it’s not political.

  4. “the power of the soft Left establishment is even stickier than many Brexiteers imagined.“

    Oh, no. We knew. Brexit was never the medicine for our ills. Brexit was opening the door to the chemist’s. The question is, are we going to go in, buy the medicine, and take it?

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