Ah, so that’s how they’re going to play it, is it?

Civil servants have been banned from inviting “woke” speakers who criticise Boris Johnson’s policies to address internal events in Whitehall, a leaked memo reveals.

An “official-sensitive” email circulated across Whitehall warned that invitations should not be issued to individuals who have “spoken against key government policies”.

Officials were told to carry out “due diligence” checks on speakers, including examining their social media posts.

At one level, well, why not? The people have spoken and Bojo and his policies are what was chosen. Running a guerrilla campaign inside the civil service against this ain’t on.

Or, we can look at this the other way. The come back to the ban on idiots parlaying wokeism to the civil service is that it’s all about Boris. When, in fact, it’s an entirely sensible move to not be teaching wokeism to the civil service. But given that it’s a good gig – and part of that long walk – it has to be dressed up as something else for propaganda purposes.

5 thoughts on “Ah, so that’s how they’re going to play it, is it?”

  1. So they’re banning hate speech then.

    Oh! It’s only if you DISAGREE with the woke that it’s hate speech, is it?

  2. “This is what the Government wants to happen. They’ll all lose their jobs if the public don’t want it to happen, but you’ll all lose your jobs if you don’t make it happen. So you’d better want to make it happen.”

  3. Bloke in North Dorset

    They’re at liberty to listen to who they want, in their own time and at their own cost. The tax payer should not be footing any political agitators whether for or against the government.

  4. “The people have spoken”… …and been soundly ignored. I don’t remember voting for all the “green” bollocks, the “climate” bollocks, converting the country’s transport and heating to all-electric (despite there being massively insufficient generation and distribution facilities) bollocks, the turning the UK into “Stalag GB” bollocks, or HMG’s apparent attempts to take full ownership of my body.

    Can you tell I’m not happy?

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