Ah, the Wille Sutton explanation

Refreshingly honest:

I did it ‘for the money,’ says art double-dealer who conned investors in £16m scam

Not the behaviour, obviously, but the explanation…..

3 thoughts on “Ah, the Wille Sutton explanation”

  1. Reminds me of my favourite Stalin quote. When Ribbentrop offered his proposed draft of a communique about the Nazi-Soviet pact, Uncle Joe is supposed to have said, ‘We cannot say that, it tells the truth all too plainly.’

  2. From an art paper:

    “sold shares of works to multiple investors for totals that exceeded 100%”

    This is a scam that would probably work with contemporary art. In the same way that Springtime for Hitler was a disaster, most contemporary art will be in say, 10 years when people come to cash in for their pension. Fashion changes in these things.

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