An uncomfortable case

A former Labour peer sexually abused a young boy and girl when he was a teenager, a court was told.

Nazir Ahmed, formerly Lord Ahmed of Rotherham, went on trial at Sheffield Crown Court on Thursday accused of sexual offences against children dating back more than 40 years.

A jury was told how the woman alleges that Ahmed attempted to rape her in the early 1970s, when the defendant was about 16 or 17 years old but she was much younger.

At this distance there’s absolutely no evidence, just recall of varying levels of detail. So difficult to prove that, well, should it even be tried?

On the other hand:

Ahmed was charged along with his two older brothers, Mohammed Farouq, 71, and Mohammed Tariq, 65, but both these men have been deemed unfit to stand trial.

Farouq and Tariq face charges of indecent assault in relation to the same boy Ahmed is alleged to have abused. But the jury has not been asked to determine whether they are guilty of these offences, just whether they did the acts alleged.

‘This is about repeated sexual abuse that took place in Rotherham’
Opening the prosecution case, Mr Little told the court: “This is about repeated sexual abuse that took place in Rotherham over a number of years.”

That circuit of kiddie fiddling had been going on for how many decades?

This not being something you’re likely to hear me of many others saying very often but that one eyed git from the BNP did actually have a point on Question Time, didn’t he?

Anyone got a transcript of what he did say, and got booed for saying?

7 thoughts on “An uncomfortable case”

  1. He didn’t say it on Question Time, but rather in a series of speeches in 2004. He was charged with two counts of “using words or behaviour likely to stir up racial hatred”. News article here:

    I’ve found one video online of his 2004 speech in Morley. I haven’t time to watch the whole thing, but he seems to be talking about gangs of Asian boys beating up white boys, rather than girls being raped.

  2. “Rodney James QC, prosecuting, told the jury Mr Griffin had concentrated on allegations of paedophile drug rapes by Asian Muslims in Keighley. ”

    Since that turned out to be true, I’m very surprised it’s still on the BBC website.

  3. Anyone in the UK should proceed with caution while researching this topic. Remember that six people were arrested for sharing a Grenfell Tower effigy video, and at least one of them is up for a second trial. (The process is the punishment.)

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