Arguable, but still

Cost of inaction ‘far greater’ than that of averting climate disaster, warns Prince Charles

That’s not actually the useful question. Instead, it’s which actions will have the lowest costs?

It is, for example, possible that government doing nothing is still the lowest cost solution. Given what government proposes to do in fact it’s likely this is so.

It might also be that a carbon tax – yes, I know – would be the lowest cost option. Government does the one thing, simple enough even for government to do, then everyone else acts under that incentive.

But rather more important than either of those possibilities is that the current argument is wrong. Because what is being said is that dealing with climate change will be cheaper than ignoring it. OK, that might be true. But the leap is then made to dealing with it means following my plan. That ain’t so – the plan still needs examination for whether that’s the best thing to be doing.

We must do something. This is something so we must do this thing is not sound logic.

7 thoughts on “Arguable, but still”

  1. Dumbo and now William’s lectures de haut en bas are having the effect of turning me into a reluctant republican.

  2. This is something so we must do this thing is not sound logic.

    Just so but it’s how government policies on covid were formulated. The trusted recipe is to assemble some “experts” in “the science”, mix in a generous batch of “modellers”, add many newly-printed billions, bring together in a basin of doom and serve.

  3. “This is something so we must do this thing is not sound logic.”

    “The government must do something!” the public demanded. Asking a bunch of people who are clueless on the matter isn’t logical either. Which is how we got where we are. But who said people were logical anyway?

  4. The con-vid lies served up to cowards in an “end of the world movie” format was a novelty that frightened a lot of cowardly mugs. Esp as most were on full wage holiday while sitting at home. Even so it is now clear that LD BS has come close to wrecking our already fucked up ( by political & bureaucratic scum) economy.

    Trying the same shit with the green Marxist shitshow is a non-starter regardless of how many sleb Marxist morons are failing at PR.

    Too many bullshit promises of no more snow and drowned Maldives etc. Nobody with the brains of more than a 16 year old buys their shite and even some of the 16 year olds are too smart.

    The green shitshow is ruinous and uncomfortable from Day One and many millions like me are not only not putting up with it but will be actively undoing all the poli-scum scum try to do.

    Do these fuckwits think that a fat self-indulgent bastard like Blojob Johnson–a mug with 6 kids and a seventh on the way–is going to be able to tell us we have to be flopped lower than whaleshit while he and his rich mates eat filet?

    Judging by the very few responses to my posts on Twatter I am already shadow-banned. But I have had two 7 day suspension attempts lately which I appealed against . Appeals accepted and suspension dropped. All within about 6 hours. My 3rd such suspension is on screen, “being considered” , for the 4th day now. Wanna bet it wont be resolved until Cockrot 26 has finished? It suggests to me how scared they really are that a bloke already shadow-banned gets such treatment so he cant slag the Glasgow shitestorm as it drags on.

    Defy Johnsons bullshit to keep UK open this winter. Ignore his vax pass powergrab. Or be prepared for a life of tyranny and misery. Without even the outlet of moaning on here.

  5. ‘Government doing nothing is usually the safest bet.’

    I’d agree, Julia. Of course I’ve worked for a government, so perhaps I’m biased.

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