As surmised in the comments yesterday

David Perry, 45, appears to have been saved from fatal injury by a plastic anti-coronavirus screen that separated

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  1. Lots of taxis have plexiglass to protect the driver from passengers kicking off when drunk. I suspect it’s that not an anti-covid screen.

  2. It looked like a regular Hackney Carriage in the video. There is only a little door to speak to the driver anyway.

  3. “It looked like a regular Hackney Carriage in the video. There is only a little door to speak to the driver anyway.”

    That wasn’t a Hackney carriage (ie Black Cab), it was a bog standard estate car.

  4. Jim

    Oh yeah so it was. The film I originally saw just had the car blowing up, but I’ve seen a fuller version now. It had a rather incongruous soundtrack of a local radio station.

  5. I’ve taken a few private hires in the last couple of years, and they all had a rather crudely inserted sheet of PerspexTM (other acrylic is available) rammed in behind the front seats – removing the foot space for the rear seats.

  6. Given they are now saying his suicide vest was packed with ball bearings, it’s clear something went very wrong (or right!) or he wouldn’t have survived at all.

  7. Very many of these terrorist incidents use TATP which isn’t a high explosive in the conventional sense.
    From the video, it looked very much like that was what was used in this case.

    It is also quite prone to premature detonation.

    The narrative being promoted that he was a lone nutter seems also unwarranted, you would need help/ do some serious research, to make some this stuff.

    Taxi driver & the rest of us got off very lightly from this.

  8. Indeed, JuliaM; the cabbie seems doubly lucky.

    I’m not an entirely good person, and part of me hopes the roper also survived the blast.

  9. The narrative being promoted that he was a lone nutter seems also unwarranted

    They arrested 3 others right away so that narrative is out the window. I notice that much is being made of him being a convert to Christianity, which is apparently a favourite ploy of illegals seeking to remain in the UK. He was here for years.

    Still, it will be swept under the carpet by next week and there will be no attempt to actually deport the leaching cunts arriving in their thousands.

  10. Ironically, in pre-covid Philadelphia, city council wanted to ban the use of plexiglass barriers in convenience stores. To quote one councilwoman:

    “We want to make sure that there isn’t this sort of indignity, in my opinion, to serving food through a plexiglass, only in certain neighborhoods.”

    In other words, working-class immigrants protecting themselves from all-too-common convenience store shootings are rayciss.

  11. Julia, it’s quite possible that this device was similar to the one in the Parson’s Green attack (also carried out by an ‘asylum seeker’) where only the priming charge went off not the main charge. The blast from the initial primary charge was probably enough to kill the bomb carrying savage but might not have been enough to set off the main charge. If that is the case then the taxi driver was extremely lucky as if the whole device had gone off then he would not be here.

    You might be interested in some scuttlebutt that is circulating around Twitter regarding this case which is the role played by the Anglican Cathedral in Liverpool. Obviously there’s no direct proof of what’s being alleged as yet but some are claiming that the Cathedral may well have been, possibly in order to burnish their ‘refugees welcome’ credentials, being less than robust in determining whether or not these ‘refugee’ conversions to Christianity were as kosher or as sincere as they could be. On the other hand the Cathedral might be completely blameless and their naivety might have been exploited by ‘refugees’ wanting to enhance their chances of being allowed to stay in the UK. I’ve seen people claiming that this savage only converted to Christianity AFTER his initial refugee application was refused. In any event I believe that this story might have a lot more to it which might be revealed as time goes on.

  12. Of course if that cunt Blair hadn’t invaded Iraq in his chosen role as chief lickspittle to the USA there might be fewer of these savages determined to wreak revenge on us.

    It served Blair’s purpose well; he became famous in the US and went on to transmute that fame into riches. The taxi driver is just collateral damage.

    Not much we can do about it now except stop more of ’em coming in and try to find a way to send some out. Plus, of course, arrest, charge, try, convict, sentence, and hang Blair and some of his creatures.

  13. And just to be reasonably even-handed between the parties: Cameron did a bit of the same to Libya and dearly wanted to do the same to Syria. A twenty year stretch would seem a fitting reward.

  14. @dearime ” Blair hadn’t invaded Iraq in his chosen role as chief lickspittle to the USA” – I have long supposed that Blair wanted to be remembered as a ‘great’ like Maggie, and that he really had convinced himself that he would go down as ‘Tony the PeaceBringer’.

  15. @Fahrenheit211

    Re the wilful blindness of the cathedral ‘laundering’ asylum status…

    Jer. 5:21 (KJV): “O foolish people, and without understanding; which have eyes, and see not; which have ears, and hear not.”

  16. What was really shocking was how quickly the Scousers had the taxi up on bricks and were away with the wheels before it went boom

  17. MC & dearieme

    Entertaining to see the fuss the EU is making over the ‘immigrants’ Belarus is dumping on Poland, and the way it totally ignores the Frogs doing the same to the UK.

  18. Plexi-glass screen? I don’t buy that. What saved driver was seat, headrest and windscreen blowing out

    +1 on not a black cab. I’d guess an Octavia diesel. No fire from engine bay, underfloor or boot. Black smoke: plastic & foam interior burning; no evidence of Li-Ion fire

    CCTV footage of the moment vehicle explodes outside Liverpool Women’s Hospital

    Note: no panic or fear from those around, almost indifference

    +1 and BBC, MSM too

  19. Bogus religious “conversion” is an old RoP tactic. Note the turban wearing “Sikhs” involved in child abuse gangs. You will note their wives/kids didn’t share the change of religious viewpoint that the RoP “convert” did.

    I attended a meeting with a real convert to Christianity from RoP. He was nearly beaten to death outside his old home by scummy neighbours and other RoP crew. You can bet the bomb-blast mug wasn’t subject to any such aggro.

    All pure bullshit but pushed as headlines by scummy newspapers.

  20. You must admit, Ecks, that there’s a certain wry amusement to be taken in the CoE finding yet another way to damage the country.

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