Brandon thinks he’s just agreed to stop farting

Joe Biden leaves Cop26 with vow to slash methane emissions

Hmm, perhaps that’s more a hope about Dr. Biden?

9 thoughts on “Brandon thinks he’s just agreed to stop farting”

  1. The Queen’s PR lackey needs sacking:

    Yesterday the Queen urged world leaders at the event to work together in “common cause” to tackle climate change and “solve the most insurmountable problems”.

    Insurmountable problems can’t be solved, they’re insurmountable.

  2. If the Queen uses a word, does it mean that word is therefore cromulent, part of the Queens’s English? I say so because her speech contained the word ‘stabler’, not more stable as I would have thought.

    Or perhaps it is HMs way of revealing that she doesn’t write this crap, she only reads it.

  3. What will become of the Brazilian fart porn industry? Has Biden given no thought to those poor people?

  4. Joe Biden is a good guy. He has decent moral values.
    The Republican Party far right hate the working class. The far right see the working class a parasites and criminals.

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