Correlation and Causation

“Partial correlation analyses show that media multi-tasking specifically was mostly correlated with negative mental health, while playing video games was associated with faster responding and better mental health.”

Looking at Tik Tok and also listening to the radio is worse than playing a game.

But this is entirely and wholly correlation – these people aren’t even trying, are they?

4 thoughts on “Correlation and Causation”

  1. “these people aren’t even trying, are they?” Come, come: they’re trying to get their next research grant.

  2. Amazing..

    Let the creature famous for “focussed attention” at the cost of anything else: a child, do something it’s designed to do: learn stuff quickly through that “focussed attention”, especially when it’s “fun”/important to them.
    Lo and Behold!! We have marked and rapid improvement of the skills needed to do that particular thing.

    Let the creature famous for “short attention span”: a child, be distracted as soon as it, for once, shows an interest in something for longer than 5 minutes.
    Lo and Behold!! We have a marked “improvement” in distractibility and frustration. Because the child gets disturbed every which way while it tries to follow its inherent aptitude to Learn Stuff Quickly ( something of a survival trait, y’know..) .

    Who’da thunk it…

    “The findings were published in the journal Plos One.”

    Ah… figures.. Also figures the dear Telly doesn’t link to the article in Plos. One wonders why that would be.. Maybe because Plos, like Wikipedia, has its inherent dangers and contains a lot of chaff?..

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