Could be, could be

Catching a cold could provide protection against Covid-19, finds study
Research shows exposure to everyday infection could give some individuals ‘a head start’ when battling against coronavirus

Can’t say that the idea shocks. Some colds at least are caused by vaguely related virii so why not? Cowpox protects against smallpox after all.

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  1. Bloke in North Korea (Germany Province)

    “Independent fact checkers” have been cancelling views like this for some time. They come from old medical textbooks, mostly written by pale stale males who have silenced “other ways of knowing” for too long.

    As you all know the truth about coronavirus is it will kill you and you can get it repeatedly, and vaccines will stop you transmitting it which is why you need a vaccine passport even though they won’t stop you getting it and you must have a booster or you aren’t fully vaccinated any more.

  2. Nononono BiND… Wasn’t it that vaccines only make sure you become less ill instead of dead, but allow you to still carry and spread the virus unknowingly so that fully vaccinated “At Risk” people can still keel over dead from you even though you’ve never had any physical contact with them, and that the vaccine passport is the only sure way you cannot be infected in such a way, unless you enter a building where, by government mandate, you can only enter with such a vaccine passport in which case a mask, distancing, pre-booking, and soon a full hazmat suit are necessary to prevent infection with the virus you can’t possibly be infected with, unless you are?

  3. Absolutely! But shouldn’t that last bit read: and you must have a regular boosters when instructed or you aren’t fully vaccinated any more ?

  4. Bloke in North Korea (Germany Province)

    The lower infection rate among the unclean is proof that the cleansing ritual works. It works so well it must be repeated indefinitely.

  5. If you are fully vaccinated and you get covid the symptoms to will be mild. On the other hand, if you are a normal, healthy person and you get covid, the symptoms will still be mild but everyone will hate you. So hurry up and get vaccinated today!

  6. Bloke in North Dorset

    We were living in Blandford when the Common Cold Unit in Salisbury was closed. I distinctly remember a discussion on TV about why it was being closed:

    1. The driving force behind it was retiring

    2. We were never likely to find a cure so it was a waste of money

    3. Getting colds was probably a good thing as it exercised the immune system and helped protect against more serious diseases

    The third point has been made may a time since and is discussed in Taleb’s book Antifragile.

  7. To Hell with all vax freaks. And vax passports.

    And while humour is good–only saying NO will get you through the Gates of Heaven. Every time you say yes to evil the world’s state will get worse.

  8. I have read that “the Common Cold Unit” was the outfit that showed that the common cold was caused by a host of different viruses. I had had no idea that the discovery was so recent.

  9. @TMB
    But shouldn’t that last bit read: and you must have a regular boosters when instructed or you aren’t fully vaccinated any more ?

    No no. It’s even though you have no antibodies which shows that the vaccine is no longer working you are counted as still being fully vaccinated for statistical purposes but you must have a booster shot to regain partial non-protection though it won’t stop you being re-infected or passing on the virus to others. In other words; The Figures Still Look Good and you can claim to be fully vaccinated – and that is what matters.

  10. Bloke in North Korea (Germany province)

    Care staff fired for bravery on armistice day. NHS staff to be sacked for practising evidence-based medicine on April fool’s day.

    Everything they do is just a massive trolling exercise. They are begging for a revolution and not getting it.

  11. I find colds interesting because, as a type 2 diabetic, my immune system is supposedly compromised but I am very rarely smitten. The last time that I had a cold was June 2017, prior to that, I simply can’t remember. On the compromised immune system, I have questioned various health professionals as to what exactly this means in practice but never really got a straight answer.

  12. As our offices are in a government owned building we have been told the federal vaccine mandate applies to all tenants so our employer has to confirm we are all vaccinated and if challenged by a government employee we have to produce our vaccine card.
    Seems a stretch between mandating vaccines as an employer and as a landlord but then this is the creeping totalitarianism we are faced with constantly

  13. Bloke in North Korea (Germany province)

    Stonyground, your immune system is not necessarily compromised by being diabetic (assuming you are looking after yourself properly), but being diabetic means that anything that knocks you off balance can, well, knock you off balance in the ways you don’t, as an intelligent and informed diabetic need educating about, with the potential diverse and exciting short and long term effects you don’t, idem.

  14. I do lots of exercise rather than having a severely restricted diet. I quite enjoy exercise, I would hate a really low carb diet. Obviously I’m sensible with refined sugar but I can eat fairly normally as long as I stay active.

  15. @TW
    Yes, previous ‘common cold’ Covid infections and SARS[-1] do provide part or full immunity and this has been known since March/April 2020. Obviously ‘common cold’ rhinovirus infections do little

    +1 “Vaccinated” are asympotmatic, not pre-symptomatic, spreaders. I warned of this in January after reading specs. We’ve created millions of ‘Typhoid Marys’. Worse is ‘vaccinated’ may never develop immunity despite repeated infection/illness

    I’m an ‘unclean’ who doesn’t follow the cleansing ritual and at less than half the risk of catching the plague than ‘the clean’

    On protection:
    “All my [covid] patients are triple jabbed”


    @Mr Ecks
    +1 Agree

    Good read:

    @BiNk, November 11, 2021 at 2:05 pm
    +1 We will remember them and the perpertaitors [sic]

    Not imuno-compromised, bad cold in 1995 then nothing until 2016 and nothing since. Mrs Pcar has had many. Everyone is unique.

    I hate a low carb diet too and don’t feel good if insufficient. Daily is carbs, dairy, meat and some sweet things. Lovely bargain on Sunday: 1kg Egg Mayo sandwich filler – 25p

  16. @Stonyground
    Quite well possible you’re less susceptible to a range of viruses because of your diabetes. For the exchange of higher susceptibility to, say, athletes’ foot or acné.

    It all depends how well you manage to compensate for the (partial) lack of automation in your body, the resultant plasma acidity/acetone load variance, how well the various flavours of “beneficial” saprophites living on your skin and in your intestines/mucous membranes can deal with that, and the local pathogen load.

    Peeps tend to forget that half our immune system is the more-or-less peaceful squatting of the “tame” cousins of the Rowdy Bunch in/on our bodies..

  17. @Grikath
    Well said. Worse is most peeps are revolted when told their skin and insides are teeming with billions of ‘germs’ and every breath one takes is full of bacteria, viruses and bits of dead things. Then they cuddle their dog/cat

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