Dame Emma is practising for when the asteroid arrives

Women suffer most from climate change

Emma Thompson and Diaka Salena Koroma

Just to ask the obvious question, say this is true, what are we men supposed to say or do about it?

Phew, that’s good, us off the hook then?

11 thoughts on “Dame Emma is practising for when the asteroid arrives”

  1. Every time Emma flies into the UK (“If I could fly cleanly, I would!”) to block the traffic, a brown woman drowns.

  2. Nicholas (Unlicensed Joker) Gray

    According to every statistic I have read, women live longer lives than men. We should only listen to feminist complaints if they agree to kill themselves at the same age as men, on average, die. (This is usually 2 to 3 years before women.)

  3. Women are also the main victims of war. Hilary Clinton said so. Their husbands and sons get killed and horribly injured.

  4. Emma Tiresome would be a much better name for her.

    ” Their husbands and sons ONLY get killed and horribly injured”.


  5. Ah, Dame Emma, a left wing radical, and crappy actress who, allegedly,’acquired’ the idea of Nanny McPhee, and who once suggested this country should get rid of royalty, and then accepts a female peerage. If it wasn’t for the fact that he narrated The Magic Roundabout, her Dad should be dug up and prosecuted for failing to drown his offspring at birth.

  6. When the asteroïd falls, eh?

    Woman beyond childbearing age, incapable of labour, has no practical knowledge to speak of, will try to upset whatever you managed to set up with her ideas of Utopia.

    Her chances?

  7. ‘It’s fortunate that the women are suffering in silence isn’t it?’

    What’s that KevinS? I can’t hear you over the screaming.

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