Don’t think so really

Sex and the City effect roars back to make its mark on our wardrobes

That “our” might be a bit too all embracing. Some decades of experience tell me that styles for late middle age women don’t quite gel on me. An oddity no doubt but there we are…..

13 thoughts on “Don’t think so really”

  1. They were aging trollops the first time around. Now they are old women. A flash of white pubic hair will kill more passion than a million shops worth of glam rags.

  2. Rhoda – you wash your mouth out with cheesecake. The Golden Girls were elegant, warm, witty, and hilarious. Everything SJP and her fellow chlamydia crones are not. Thank you for being a friend.

    Asia – Idk what people have against good, old fashioned British muff. There’s nothing wrong with a woman’s musty pelt, they’re not meant to look like the back of Matt Lucas’ neck.

    Re: the Sex and the City / Cocoon reboot, older women can still charm but these particular geriatrics have the appeal of something the cat left under your bed. Maybe they’re aiming this at the Wayne Rooney demographic.

  3. In other news Grauniad Woken SS megaphone and climate ctastrophist suddenly decides completely frivolous wimmins’ fashion mostly createdin south east asian sweatshops is a thing to be lauded

  4. Nothing in the pics looks particularly different compared to what’s already on offer in the total glut of shopping windows presenting “Ladies’ Fashion for the Discerning Professional Free Woman” over here.

    Wouldn’t be too hard on the eyes if there’d be actual women in those clothes, instead of neurotic harridans.

  5. The Grauniad drooling over not-even soft porn designed to boost (the high end of) the rag trade. Unbelievable. Have these progressives no shame? or are they evil closet capitalist exploiters?

  6. Nicholas (Unlicensed Joker) Gray

    Tim, Political correctness forces us to say that you would beautiful in any dress you chose- but don’t do it near me, please!

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