Gosh, who knew that someone would say this?

Prof Lenton, of the University of Exeter, told the event at Glasgow’s Cop26 climate change conference that there had not been enough funding

Bizarre, isn’t it?

6 thoughts on “Gosh, who knew that someone would say this?”

  1. How much funding is enough to solve an imaginary problem when admitting that the problem is imaginary would stop the funding altogether?

  2. On my 6th day of the Twatter “appeal” against saying something supposedly nasty about a twat Tory MP. Took them 6 hours start to finish to accept and rescind my 2 previous appeals. So I am being prevented from commenting on CRAP 26 . For someone already shadowbanned –who gets near zero responses to my postings–this suggests desperation to me.

  3. Pray harder damnit! Never enough to appease the sky god! More monuments and maybe he will fart more to keep the lights on! More mirrors for his light to look into! How dare you heretics question the almighty! See its raining what more proof do you need?

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