Government is all about which gang

Gets to extract the cash from the population:

Hospitals in Haiti are close to collapse because criminal gangs have blockaded one of the country’s major fuel terminals, demanding $50m to let it reopen.

Unable to rely on Haiti’s electrical grid, hospital use diesel-powered generators. The fuel shortage has forced them to shut many of their wards, turn away patients and suspend the already limited Covid vaccination programme.

As with Mancur Olson some gangs are better than others. And vicious bloody slaughter is sometimes the correct reaction to certain gangs attempting the cash extraction.

10 thoughts on “Government is all about which gang”

  1. When we’ve solved it here we can worry about Haiti, where problems accumulate and never go away. Just like here.

  2. It is the correct response to any gang attempting cash extraction.

    See also Insulate Britain, and any other gang using force to benefit themselves.

  3. Vicious Bloody Slaughter, indeed.

    Unfortunately, the gangs can usefully chant “You and whose Army?”, ‘cos there isn’t one.

  4. @Andrew M I believe they are called Speed trap Towns
    Also a good song of that title by Jason Issbell

    “Was a tough state trooper til’ a decade back
    When that girl who wasn’t momma caused his heart attack
    He didn’t care about us when he was walkin around
    Just pullin’ women over in a speed trap town”

  5. “Indeed, the place is a toxic mess of French and blacks.”
    Well the chica herself was a well dark mulata. Curly haired version. So I’d go with the French element being predominant.

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