Remembrance ‘terror plot’: three arrested after fatal explosion at Liverpool Women’s Hospital

It’s unusual for gang warfare to end up using a taxi to transport a bomb. Even, for gang warfare to use a bomb.

So, who and why?

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  1. “Even, for gang warfare to use a bomb”
    Quite common in Sweden, one gathers. Of course these are the tinted Swedes. But Swedes being tinted goes beck to the Vikings – you never heard of Muhammed Forkbeard? shame on you – not an immigrant problem at all.
    But as whoever did the bombing were men-of-no-appearance, that rules out Swedish gangsters*, doesn’t it.

    *We had a shooting just up the road from here, couple of weeks back. Swedish gangsters again. Or, or at least, the perforated one in hospital is reported to be Swedish & a “gang war” has been mentioned. Whether these are the blonde, blue eyed Swedes or the swarthy dark haired is at the moment unclear.

  2. Bloke in North Dorset

    The IRA liked to use taxis to deliver bombs, including in London and most of what they did was nothing more than gang warfare.

  3. Which Liverpool cathedral? Although I hope this is not a Catholic / Protestant thing, speaking aesthetically, bombing Liverpool’s Catholic cathedral could only improve it.

  4. Bloke in North Korea (Germany province)

    This has telegram-radicalised RoP loner not even capable of following bombing SOPs found on ISIS’ website written all over it.

  5. This has telegram-radicalised RoP loner … written all over it

    Thinking hypothetically, how many lone wolves does it take to form a pack?

  6. Bloke in North Korea (Germany province)

    An organized attack would have involved more than 1 attacker with the vest as last resort after maximum carnage with guns and knives. Cf: Bataclan, London Bridge, Barcelona, foiled plots in Germany.

    Unconnected fanatics do suicide bombs and trucks of peace.

  7. Touchy subject here, Omagh. Friend in London is from there. I was with her when the news reports started coming in. She phoned home & her brother was unaccounted for. Unaccounted for, for most of the day. Turned out he’d gone fishing without telling anyone. Not a particularly enjoyable day, that one.

  8. Look, the BBC can clear all this up with their penetrating insight:

    “Nonetheless, clearly this does not look like an accident.

    It looks like an act of terrorism or a failed act of terrorism – but it has not been declared as such.”

    This after telling us the counter-terrorist police were involved.

  9. A taxi exploded in flames outside the Liverpool Women’s hospital at 10.59am on Remembrance Sunday. Police later confirmed that a male passenger was declared dead at the scene.

    The cab driver, who has been widely named in reports as David Perry, from Kirkdale, managed to escape before the flames spread, and is in hospital in a stable condition.

    He has not been arrested and unverified reports have suggested he locked an attacker in the car after spotting suspicious activity.

    Lol, no 72 virgins for you.

  10. Not had much in the way of terrorism incidents since Glasgow airport maybe a boot to the baws and being locked up as a failure has curbed enthusiasm for the activity. Being a total failure and then getting locked in in a burning taxi, could hopefully do the same down south. Might be worth publicising and ridiculing if true.

  11. Followers of the Pope, followers of the Prophet, or followers of the Pounds? Come on, chaps, somebody must know. Spill the beans.

  12. Arrests made in Sutcliffe St. Checking Google street view indicates this and surrounding area is not an “Asian” enclave. Lack of descriptions, even from neighbour interviews, is typical though.

  13. 192 search on Sutcliffe Street shows Murphy more than twice as common as Mohammed and Khan added together.
    I’m tilting towards Tim’s suggestion.

  14. “The Remembrance Sunday terrorist originated from the Middle East but was not known to the security services, The Telegraph can disclose.”

    Maybe he was a Palestinian Christian who wanted to attack Roman Catholic or Anglican heretics. Yes, that must be it!

  15. @dearieme:If he’s really not known to the security services, then the speed with which Scouse plod rounded up the associates (after identifying the crispy critter?) was astounding!

  16. “after identifying the crispy critter”

    Driver – and taxi company – would presumably have been able to say where the pick up was. And if you’re the sort of 20W bulb type to get a taxi to deliver to your bombing rampage, I’m guessing you don’t have the foresight to be picked up a few streets away from your own house…

  17. Bloke in North Korea (Germany province)

    Sorry, a suicide attack (have the Feinians ever done this before?) on a remembrance day parade in Liverpool?

    That would be quite the own goal.

  18. Terrorist burned alive!!

    I suppose given the random nature of the universe, that sometimes even things that I approve of must take place.

  19. So the lack of description was, again, the description.

    Speaking of Sutcliffe Street criminality, the Google street view does show two individuals prying something off a bicycle with a pickaxe. It’s a dead end with little room to turn around so I expect the Google car made a fairly whiney reverse on the way back out.

  20. The bungalows part way down the street look like the reuse of a site opened up by our German friends. So maybe already ‘bomb alley’.

    Anyway, what Sutcliffe is it named after? Stewart, the original dead Beatle, or Peter, the hammer-man?

  21. Looks like my Bayesian analysis on Irish surnames needs refining.
    Murphy can beat Mohammed by 8 to 1, but the outcome was the other way. Not even close.

  22. Bloke in North Korea (Germany province)

    The “conversion to Christianity” is insurance against being deported to places that chop your head off for leaving the one true religion after your asylum claim is rejected.

  23. @Craig
    Liverpool cathedral was what Telegraph reported ~10pm sunday

    Taxi driver became suspicious and dived into first deserted space

    Express hints at same and says cathedral had largest gathering outside London >2,000

    PONAs arrested

    MSM now diverting story to NHS attacked

    Omagh: Remember front page photo of cop rescuing someone’s shopping?

    He was a friend’s son: plastic carrier bag contained body parts he’d found

    Seemingly, now that crispy unknown is now crispy known, he was known by security services

    +1 Suicide bombing not an Orish thing

  24. Holy Batman….

    Media here have shown the cctv footage of the actual explosion..
    The cabbie got out after the Bang!…
    Dunno how many lives and guardian angels he burned through right there…

  25. I wonder whether the taxi had one of those transparent plastic Covid screens between the front seats and the back. If so the driver may be the first human to have had his life saved by one of those.

  26. Aaaah. Tel: “An ominous black cloud began to billow from the taxi, believed to be a Toyota Prius-Plus. Within seconds, flames enveloped the car.” So it was a hybrid? So Jack-the-lad was fried by a battery fire? Does that make sense?

  27. @Dearieme I’ve a feeling the less-than sturdy mounting of the front windscreen plus the airbags saved the cabby.
    That windscreen blowing away looks impressive, but it also means a lot of pressure/energy escaped that way. And those airbags are designed to absorb a hell of a lot of energy as well.

    Could be the battry that ignited the car though. Judging from the vid, something is burning awfully hot in there.. for the touristy sightseeing of the event.

  28. @dearieme
    No evidence it was a Li-Ion fire, looks normal car innterior fire

    +1 on windscreen. But not “less-than sturdy mounting”. Windscreens designed to be ‘kick out”

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