How could you, really, just……

Parliament building and police station burned down during protests in Solomon Islands

Showing us up like that. Yes, yes, I know frustrations with modern politics and all that. It’s also true that we tried and didn’t manage it. But do you have to show up Catholics as political failures quite so graphically?

12 thoughts on “How could you, really, just……”

  1. But as far as I know Tim, this was last tried in the 17th century. We aren’t as tough as we were in the good old days.

  2. English Roman Catholics were lucky the Guy Fawkes failed. If he’d succeeded they’d probably all have been holocausted.

  3. @dearieme Or we would’ve been ripe for invasion with all the militia leaders dead…

    Either way, lots of blood.

  4. Typical Grauniad inaccurate headline:

    “Parliament building … burned down”


    “they allegedly set fire to a leaf hut next to Parliament House where MPs and staffers go to smoke”

  5. Looking at the pic of the police station, you’d think they could at least have tried brick or concrete.
    Or was it meant as shanty-town camouflage to make it less of a target?

  6. Dennis, Twatty Something or Other

    I can’t see British burning down parliament because the government decided to switch allegiance from Taiwan to China. Could see them burning it down over the reverse, though.

  7. Caption: The police station in Honiara, Solomon Islands was burned down showing photo of building very much not burned down. But the Guardian. Lying for 200 years.

    Yes, there’s obviously been some sort of fire in one part of the building. But this is a timber frame building & somebody obviously put that out in a hurry. Or there’d be nothing left but a pile of cinders & some corrugated iron roof sheets

  8. Be fair. Fawkes wasn’t taking the easy route of burning down parliament – he was going for the brass ring of blowing the whole place up.

  9. When it comes to “How Could You, Really, Just……”..

    Just heard on our radio news thingie that one of the big Poobah’s of some brit union of alcohol sellers has declared that there “may be a shortage of alcohol come christmas” in the UK.

    OK.. Own up… What the hell went wrong?

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