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Ignorant twats – well, it is Oxford I suppose

Oxford University has been accused of a “moral failure” after accepting a multi-million pound donation from the Mosley family.

The university was given £6 million from a charitable trust set up by Max Mosley to house the fortune he inherited from his father, Sir Oswald Mosley, leader of the British Union of Fascists.

Two of Oxford’s colleges – St Peter’s and Lady Margaret Hall – have also accepted cash from the Mosley family trust totalling more than £6.3 million, The Telegraph can reveal.

Max Mosley, who set up the trust a decade ago, signed off the accounts which confirmed the donations shortly before his death in May of this year.

Pecunia non olet and all that.

Sure, they were fascists. The money wasn’t.

19 thoughts on “Ignorant twats – well, it is Oxford I suppose”

  1. Theophrastus (2066)

    But, but…after WW2, Oswald Mosley campaigned for European unification – “Europe a nation” – and founded the National Party of Europe. Surely, that atones in the eyes of EUrophiliacs…

  2. Nicholas (Unlicensed Joker) Gray

    Come to that, Oswald probably spoke English, so speaking English makes you a Fascist!

  3. I love the Telegraph’s photomontage. It looks like a film poster or a lurid paperback cover from the 1940s.

    “Some hated Jews! Some ran top Universities! Some edited holier-than-thou newspapers!….But they all loved Money!!!”

  4. Mosley’s followers had nothing to be ashamed of. There were members of my family supported Mosely in the 30s. They were opposed to the sort of revolution the communists were trying to foment. They were opposed to immigration. Their East End had been changed beyond recognition by the influx of foreigners in the early years of the century. Worth remembering the Siege of Sydney Street & who was besieged & why. The Labour Party were quite fond of the fascists for a while. And, of course they went off to fight & sometimes die for their country in WW2. My grandfather was on the Atlantic convoys. Torpedoed twice. A brother lost an arm. My uncle’s Wellington failed to return over North Africa. After the war, they didn’t produce traitors like Philby & Blunt. And there were enough Labour supporters happy to holiday in Franco’s Spain.
    It was a different time & a very different world.

  5. Oxford doesn’t seem to have a problem with taking money from Fascist China, nor the Saudis, why get fussy about Mosley?

  6. Incidentally, a word about what they were opposing. A girlfriend in the 80’s – we lived together for a couple years – was a Labour councillor when I met her. Jewish. Also a Young Communist in her youth. Her father was part of that early C20th influx. Russian. A revolutionary communist all his life. Through Stalin, invasion of Poland along with Comrade Dolfo, Hungary, Czechoslovakia. Died one. The church, 50m from where I’m writing this. Dynamited by the communists before the Civil Way. They murdered the priest. Friend I have here. Several of his family were murdered by the same scum, around the same time.
    Different time & a very different world.

  7. Obviously this means that it is immoral for Third Worlders, and indeed everyone else, to take money from the awful UK taxpayers; wicked white racists that they are.

    Plainly Boris should tell them all that the cash flow stops immediately; and aren’t you all overjoyed at our outstandingly ethical actions.

  8. The Labour Party were quite fond of the fascists for a while.

    Even going so far as making Mosley a minister in the labour government of the time.

    But it’s no surprise that socialists supported fascism, given that fascism is an offshoot of socialism.

  9. Could be me, but weren’t those millions made by having people race cars.. very fancy and fast ones at that?

    Oh wait… That sport is currently dominated by the Axis. EvilNazis!!

  10. “Oxford doesn’t seem to have a problem with taking money from Fascist China, nor the Saudis, why get fussy about Mosley?”

    Maybe they’re motorsport fans.

    “That sport is currently dominated by the Axis.”

    Aye, Brackley and Milton Keynes.

  11. I don’t suppose the history prof behind this little dust-up ever thought of quietly resigning his post as a matter of principle, it being so much more entertaining to demand that others give up cash contributions to signal his virtue.
    Of course, Oxford could simply sack him – to spare his blushes at the awfulness of his employer, you understand.

  12. Bloke in North Dorset

    “ The Labour Party were quite fond of the fascists for a while.”

    Probably still would be if they hadn’t invaded Russia. The left is attracted to anything that allows them to practice their authoritarian tendencies, see also socialism, global warming, Covid 19, environmentalism.

  13. Liberals have no room to talk as long as they’re funding China and Hamas through their activities.

    That said, I’m struggling to understand how opposing the communists = I must support the fascists. At least the Germans had the excuse of being forced into it later in the regime, but Brits couldn’t just say “screw you both”? Not saying they could’ve ended the war single-handedly or anything, but is it supposed to be some kind of virtue that these people were simple slaves to the zeitgeist?

  14. Hehfufihe, one has only to look at the screams to provide money to the Taliban, and be rewarded by them allowing all the Afghans who want to leave to come to the West. Or the nonsense that we must provide aid to all parties in the Yemen war so it goes on and on forever.

    This is a wonderful way for the NGO’s to roll in the money they steal from us, but a lousy way for us to run our affairs. So we’re really not much different from the 1930’s.

    Must confess if I’d been Chamberlain, I really don’t think I’d have declared war on Germany in 1939. The UK and France simply didn’t have the power to rapidly overrun the place, so I’d have just imitated Stalin and tried to put everything off.

  15. @Hehfufihe I’m struggling to understand how opposing the communists = I must support the fascists.

    I think the same but my father-in-law once said to me “in the 1930’s, there was a simple choice-support the communists or support the fascists, so I chose the communists”.
    This was a very intelligent member of the landed gentry, so someone in the perfect position to sit out the ideological confrontation.
    He’s dead now and I deeply regret not pursuing the topic further.

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