Linguistic details matter

Blurred lines: can selling your body ever be empowering?

That specific question, as particularly asked?


Apart from anything else it’s illegal. You cannot sell yourself into slavery.

Now ask the question as it really is:

Blurred lines: can renting out your body ever be empowering?

Answers might be different, might not be, but it is a very different question.

8 thoughts on “Linguistic details matter”

  1. Depends what you’re renting it out to do.

    But I think most people find work a bloody nuisance. That’s why they have to be paid to do it.

  2. Assuming you die (as we all may hope to do) of old age, your organs won’t be very valuable, Ted. The clapped out heart, lungs and liver of a 90-year-old are not a valuable commodity. The corneas might be OK, though.

  3. Bloke in North Dorset

    “ The corneas might be OK, though.”

    My father died of lung cancer in his late 50s and donated his body to medical science. The only thing they could take for transplant were his corneas. That was the ‘82, I don’t know if that’s still the case, I’d like to think that with advances in medical science there are other bits they can harvest from cancer patients.

  4. Cancer is a no no for transplants – it spreads. One of the reasons we’re short of cdaver organs – lots of us die of or with cancer these days.

  5. Bloke in North Dorset

    It’s not just cancer reducing supply. A neighbour, 40 and grandmother of 2, lovely woman, keeled over a couple of years ago. When the ambulance got here they went to great lengths to revive her and got her to ICU.

    Turned out at the PM that she’d had a massive brain haemorrhage and was brain dead before she hit the floor but the drugs she’d been given in attempts to revive her meant that nothing could be used for transplant. The family were quite upset about it as she’d always said she wanted to be a donor.

  6. Even if your organs cannot be used for transplants, some bodies are needed for medical students to practise on, so it may be worth donating your body to science.

  7. Isn’t renting our bodies out pretty much what most of us do to make ends meet ?
    OK, which bits we are specifically renting and which come along as part of the package varies – I basically rent out my mind, with the addition of eyes and ears to take information in, and fingers to work the ‘puter, the rest of me is really just there to keep the working bits working; others are basically renting out some muscle; most somewhere in between.
    That some people rent out what most of us consider to be a recreational facility shouldn’t really be a problem. What is a problem is that in many cases it’s not done by the same free will that most of us use – in effect a form of slavery which I think most, if not all, of us here consider to be wrong both in law and moral values.

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