Memory is a tricky thing

The Duchess of Sussex has apologised for misleading a court over whether she had given authorisation for an aide to brief the authors of a biography about her.

The Duchess said she “had not remembered” email exchanges in which she was told about a two-hour meeting between her communications secretary and the writers of Finding Freedom.

On Wednesday, she apologised to the Court of Appeal after a series of emails were disclosed which showed she was aware of the meeting between Jason Knauf and the authors.

Not that we do ‘sleb stuff ’round here but that looks like one legal bill that is just ripe for reversing. This thing having gone on so long, with so many snouts in troughs, that who has to pay m’learned friends being the only interesting financial point at issue.

11 thoughts on “Memory is a tricky thing”

  1. Bloke in North Dorset


    It’s probably a minimum requirement for staying out of jail. Judges don’t really like liars, for obvious reasons, and having been found out a good tactic is to stop digging the hole and start a damage limitation strategy.

    Not that I’m saying she lied, just making a general observation.

  2. Perjury is a crime isn’t it? Mind you, does anyone really expect a luvvie to have a firm grasp of the distinction between fact and fiction?

  3. Memory is a simple thing.

    It’s telling the truth which seems to be a problem for certain people as in this instance.

  4. “….had not remembered …” . Ordinary people, who live in the real world, forget, or forgot. Only slebs seen to misremember.

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