Not a lot to be honest

Spain How have you been affected by the erupting volcano in La Palma?

The Canaries being some 1,200 miles from Spain itself…..

14 thoughts on “Not a lot to be honest”

  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    It’s the Guardian, they mean the far more important emotionally. They’re looking for people not directly affected but have been able to claim victim status by various means such as being affected by the loss of a rare beetle, or that it presages the global warming apocalypse so they’ve gone on a Janist diet and feel the need to kill their first born in order to appease Gaia.

  2. I’d suppose the dreadful CO2 that all volcanoes pump out will be causing frightful heatwaves, or perhaps blizzards, that are turning Spain into a desert.

  3. “My money’s still on the Super Tsunami”

    If it happens, it’ll be another example of the white capitalist patriarchy. Somehow.

  4. What BiND sez…

    It really doesn’t help that actual vocanologists an geologists simply state that the eruption is bog standard, not particularly dangerous, that it’ll stop when it stops, and that whining about it won’t impress the volcano at all.

    So poor copy-starved Journo’s have to get Creative to meet deadlines. Meh..

  5. It’s been terrible for me the worry has been awful. I’ve seen the footage from the Canaries and it can only be a matter of time before this happens in Dorset…

  6. Following Boganboy’s comments, perhaps if Greta Thunderbox jumped in and sacrificed herself in the name of saving the world, the volcano God would be appeased and go back to sleep. Worth a try, I reckon.

  7. Well, given we watched it kick off from our holiday house 8km away, it provided some excellent photo op and volcano watching opportunities for a few days. And covered everything in sharp black gravel and made our eyes hurt… which was less fun. Net positive though, I’d say.

  8. I suppose if there’s a Canaries tsunami that wipes out NYC, Washington DC, and so on, it’ll be blamed on Putin. Or maybe China.

    Whereas it will obvs be the doing of an angry god who wants to wipe out the modern Sodom and Gomorrah.

  9. I guess to dislodge the rockfall to generate a tsunami, you need a serious kaboom. Unfortunately hotspot volcanoes like La Palma don’t kaboom very much by the standards of such things, they just gently ooze basalt or fizz a bit to generate some ash. The serious kaboomers are at subducting plate margins where the magma is much thicker with more entrapped gas. Yellowstone, if it pops, would probably be as disastrous to the US as a La Palma tsunami.

  10. “I guess to dislodge the rockfall to generate a tsunami, you need a serious kaboom.”
    Wouldn’t have thought so. The island’s actually just the top of a large volcano rising from the seabed. If the top becomes unstable & bit slides down, it meets the water. That’s what volcanoes do, isn’t it? Or they’d be tall pointy things like kids draw them. All that lava that’s flowed out is now sitting on the side of a tall mountain. Depends if what’s underneath it can take the added weight.

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