Of course, I don’t actually know about the BVI

But I do know a little about the next place over:

The British Virgin Islands is preparing for a referendum on removing the Queen as head of state and becoming a republic amid an escalating corruption row with the UK Government.

Corruption wouldn’t wholly surprise. A distant relative was a colonial adminstrator as a career. Specialised in small island nations. Gilbert and Ellice, Anguilla, Montserrat and T&C are the ones I know of.

He found it a bit surprising one day when “his” Prime Minister was filmed at the airport stuffing bundles of cash into his pockets. Said PM owning the refueling company and certain planes from S America wanting to refuel, quietly, before visiting the US. Got charged by the Americans too.

Not as odd as the rebellion against independence and insisting on becoming a colony (sorry, “overseas territory”) again, the struggle financed by selling the new postage stamps. But still, corruption in the area wouldn’t wholly, exotically, surprise.

8 thoughts on “Of course, I don’t actually know about the BVI”

  1. Reading the article I can’t help noticing that the reporter doesn’t seem to know the difference between a British Overseas Territory and a Commonwealth Realm.

  2. Noel: Exactly! An Overseas Territory can no more remove the Queen as head of state than Norfolk can. They’d have to become independent first.

  3. Let ’em become independent and then a republic. Then No Foreign Aid.

    Our first rule should be No Foreign Aid for countries that chose independence. Independence Means Independence.

    Our second rule should be No Foreign Aid from our government – if you think Ethiopia (say) deserves Foreign Aid hand the money over yourself. Leave the taxpayer alone.

  4. Wise move I would have thought. Brenda could have handed in her food pail by Xmas. Then it’s Jug-Ears, isn’t it? Would you want to be lectured on your life style choices by someone gets a helicopter to go next door? Better get a move on’s my advice.
    I quite like the idea of the Virgin Isles. Don’t s’pose they actually have any, though.

  5. The government of a small state (about one-third of the population of the town where I was born) is accused of corruption and HMG sends in a commission of enquiry whereafter (before the commission can report) said government decides to declare itself a republic so that HM may no longer dismiss the government for criminal behaviour. I should strongly recommend that HM refuses to approve the proposal to declare a republic.
    Where did I see something like this before? Oh, yeah – the guy was revealed to be a KGB agent.

  6. dearieme
    November 21, 2021 at 9:07 pm

    Thank you dearieme. It’s a pleasure to hear from someone who has the right attitude to foreign aid, ie agrees with me!!

  7. @dearieme – a rather naive view on foreign aid. A lot of it (some might say all of it) is more for our benefit than the recipients’.

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