The publisher has insisted there is no link between the public funding it has received and its decision to release a tribute book to Ms Sturgeon, called Women Hold Up Half the Sky.

12 thoughts on “Oh Aye?”

  1. “Women hold up half the sky–with all their hot air”

    Being kind and leaving out the “from both ends” bit.

  2. Being kind and leaving out the “from both ends” bit.

    Biden doing more than his bit to even out the balance there!

  3. off topic but Spud’s ego has been challenged….Timothy Rideout and Dr Robbie Mochrie (senior lecturer in the economics department at Heriot-Watt university) are writing something or other about the Scottish currency….

    Spud –

    Would happily peer review on confidence”

    Tom Foster

    “Robbie Mochrie has a PhD and is a senior lecturer at Herriot-Watt University
    Wouldn’t exactly be a ‘peer’ review would it?
    I would say at least you could check for typos but that’s hardly your strong point either.”


    “Peer review means read by another person with experience …. With the aim of spotting the flaws in the argument
    It is never about typos
    If it is (and I have seen it) it’s wrong
    Unless I have read you wrong and you’re saying I am not qualified and not a peer, in which case you have to argue why a person why has been a professor at three universities and a fellow at several others is trumped by a senior lecturer”

    So there.

  4. Andrew C

    I would love it if the SNP followed Murphy’s advice on a separate Scottish currency. Those Cybernats would be headed down to Ely with Pitchforks once it became worth less than the North Korean Won

  5. @Van_Patten Except that this time the Scots would encounter far less resistance, if it’s just for the purpose of ….reclaiming… the Elyan Sage.

    Or by that time an unmarked van could park him across the border with a large sign: “Here! You keep him..!”

    Or… So many delightful options.. 😉

    And honestly… A connection between pecuniary compensation and the publishing of political propaganda? Who’da thunk it..
    I get the impression the accusing publisher is just ticked off because they didn’t get that sweet deal… Which, again, is par for the course in the “Independent” publishing sector, really.

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