One of those signs of age

The princess serves as vice president of partnerships and strategy at Afiniti, which is fighting allegations that its founder Zia Chishti harassed, threatened and violently sexually assaulted a female staff member.

Harriet Wistrich, the founder of the centre for Women’s Justice, said Mr Chishti

I had no idea whether an American called “Zia” was male or female until I got to the next para. Given modern mores even the allegations of sexual assault weren’t conclusive on the point.

Don’t judge too harshly, it’s just age and being out of touch. After all, in most European languages the “a” ending would likely, but not conclusively, indicate female.

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  1. Wonders never cease. Worstall makes case for pronoun bollocks. Thus Zia Chishti (he/him), or (she/her) or (wal/rus).

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