Only connect, eh, only connect

William Wordsworth has been included on a list for those “related to slavery and abolition”, because his sister’s rented cottage was leased by a slave-owner.

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  1. What’s the betting that 99.9% of the anti-slavery witchhunters have someone within two degrees of relationship in their ancestry. As Vera Lynn sang, Bless Them All, or words to that effect.

  2. Just shows how competent these researchers are. 6 degrees of separation would probably connect everyone from the 18th century, and maybe before, in the gallery with slavery. Burn the Rubens; burn the Van Dykes; burn the Canalettos….

  3. Surely these lines would serve to exonerate him?

    “My heart leaps up when I behold
    A rainbow in the sky…”

  4. Who was the poet, paid to support slavery, who invented the term “the dismal science” to try to downplay Adam Smith’s argument against slavery? I had a feeling it was Wordsworth or one of his circle.

  5. Ah, I got it wrong then; Wordsworth and Carlyle didn’t get on, I think. Apologies to the ‘old sheep of the Lake District’.

  6. I was reading 100 great black britons dot com the other day and they had Elizabeth Barret Browning on there. Big surprise for me she’s on the list and not because she isn’t great. In their text she said she was born in england but family from jamaica- . So far so correct. Then it said she was creole, if true first i’ve heard about it. Quite possible but couldn’t find anything supporting that. Her family deffo were slave owners, so i suppose she’ll be on the verboten list next.

  7. To me the Brits were really over the top about slavery.

    Now I certainly agree with their abolishing slavery and the slave trade within the British Empire in the 19th century. After all, someone might have tried to enslave ME!!!!!

    But interfering in what, to Africans and other foreigners, was a perfectly legitimate form of commerce, seems to me a senseless waste of British lives and British money.

    After all, we all know that the foul, fiendish foreigners, African or otherwise, are just too depraved to be regarded as even semi-human. So why not allow them to simply go to hell after their own fashion. The realisation that this was the best approach dawned just about the time I was born. So I naturally feel that it’s the right and proper way to handle the matter.

  8. This Marxist bollocks is a direct attack on our lives and culture. Had we an actual leader instead of woke puke Johnson then heads should be smashed in and testicles pounded into the pavement. If we can see something as small as socialist knackers.

  9. Boganboy, no, no , NO !

    These people have to be saved. Whatever it is that they are doing is wrong. So one decade it’s slavery, the next it’s child prostitutes , then adult prostitutes, then opium, then booze, then fags, then…

    The depraved have to be saved from themselves, that’s the British evangelical mind at work.

  10. @Ottokring Not specifically british.. the key word is “evangelical”, although the Holy Cause differs per region/age.

  11. It really bugs me that the fact that most black people were enslaved by black people and sold on never gets mentioned.

  12. Hallowed Be
    November 9, 2021 at 10:43 am gives one definition of creole as a person of European descent born especially in the West Indies or Spanish America. So it’s possible that Elizabeth Barret Browning’s family didn’t have any black blood.

    Not that this matters to anyone except the race ratbags.

  13. Grikath, very true. It is a feature of religious fundamentalism ( including secular religions : today it is the NHS or climate change). In the West it found its apogee in the temperence movement especially in the USA, but any vice is fair game as we have seen down the years.

  14. To date the relationship between enslaved Africans and the African enslavers appears to be much closer than any of this hypothetical relationship being ginned up in the UK and US to discredit Whites because of an ancestor 12 generations removed.

  15. Boganboy- yep, that’s also what i thought it meant, with the possibility of mixture, but not defined by it. The whole list i has definition problems; of black, of great, and also Britons (includes St. George and Septimus Severus)and also there’s more than a 100 on the list. You get the impression the net is cast very wide indeed and yet the catch is meagre enough to include ms dynamite.

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