People getting stuff wrong

The process of mining bauxite is highly destructive to the surrounding environment. It is usually strip-mined, as it is almost always found near the surface of terrain, with little or no overburden.

No, bauxite is very low value – $30 to $50 a tonne sorta stuff. Therefore you always mine the surface stuff because there’s not enough money in the game to pay for lifting deeper deposits.

You strip mine because the damn stuff’s near everywhere and thus cheap as chips.

3 thoughts on “People getting stuff wrong”

  1. Since their lease has been cancelled, I’m not surprised they’re reluctant to pay the taxes claimed. It’ll be interesting to see what the court rules.

    As clay contains considerable quantities of aluminium, even if the bauxite ever runs out, there’ll still be plenty of the metal available.

  2. It’s not just that journalists get stuff wrong, they get stuff wrong that we were taught early in secondary school.

  3. It’s my impression that once upon a time there were journalists, who (in combination with the editors) often gave a more or less reasonable report.

    This impression was sadly tested when I worked for inmos, back in the days of the white hot heat of the advances In technology. Even the Sunday times got things wrong.

    But OMG – what paragons of reporting they were – errors and all – compared to todays fuckwits….

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