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Rather fun

Actresses should be proud to play wives and mothers – rather than action roles that are “basically just men” in female form, Claire Foy has said.

Yes, obviously. This bit slightly tickled:

Foy will be seen next in A Very British Scandal on BBC One, playing the Duchess of Argyll.

The duchess being famous for being quite so non-uxorious.

10 thoughts on “Rather fun”

  1. I’m not sure “uxorious” is the right word (except for lesbians) as it’s specifically about doting on a wife. I have seen “maritorious” suggested but the OED says there are only two isolated uses, one 17th C and one 20th C.

    However, whatever the word is, she definitely wasn’t.

  2. “Uxorial?”

    Maybe. The OED gives that as meaning “of or pertaining to a wife or wives” (or an alternative to “uxorious”).

    Possibly it’s time for a coinage: “non-uniconjugal”.

  3. Clare Foy probably had her fingers burnt doing action films after appearing in the not very good sequel to Girl with a Dragon Tattoo, which in fact was so bad that I can’t remember what it is called. I like her, though.

  4. Hollywood made a total pigs ear of the Dragon Tattoo stories, as is their wont with all sorts of stuff. The original Swedish trilogy, even with subtitles, is far better.

  5. Otto- disagree- she was a very good in it. (was it spiders web?) I spent the whole film thinking it can’t be her but it must be.

  6. Otto- fair enough. Before that film i’d only seen her in little dorrit and so it was a very big contrast. Even now i can’t see her being a nympho duchess but look forward to being surprised again.

  7. HB
    She was Dora Bella in Going Postal from a few years back.Again she was good ( along with Andrew Sachs) in what was a so so mini series.

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