Reality can be weird

The controversial execution of a man with an IQ of 69 in Singapore has been postponed after he contracted COVID-19.

Yes, I know, I know, gotta be healthy to be executed. And yet, still, weird.

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  1. Link doesn’t work Tim. But I googled it.

    Nagaenthran K Dharmalingam was arrested in 2009 for trafficking a small amount of heroin into the city-state, which has some of the world’s toughest drugs laws. He was sentenced to death the following year.

    Well, he won’t do that again.

    He was scheduled to be hanged on Wednesday after losing a series of appeals, despite mounting international outrage and supporters’ claims his intellectual disability means he is incapable of making rational decisions.

    I assume they’re going for the retard angle instead of the effnik oppression angle (he’s a Malaysian Indian) because the Chinee, unlike stupid gweilo, are immune to racial shaming.

    Irregardless, another ironical thing is that I’m pretty sure these people demanding that laws shouldn’t apply to the stupid would probably describe themselves as “equality campaigners”.

  2. “Yes, I know, I know, gotta be healthy to be executed”.

    Ditto, cleaning the arm of the condemned with an alcohol wipe before inserting the needle……

  3. @Addolff
    “Ditto, cleaning the arm of the condemned with an alcohol wipe before inserting the needle……”
    I wonder if that is just force of habit.

  4. Bloke in North Korea (Germany province)

    It makes sense in terms of protection of the staff carrying out the execution, the doc performing the likely mandatory autopsy following execution, and everyone else involved.

    Even the alcohol wipe – if a presidential stay of execution or some other unforeseen event interrupts proceedings you at least haven’t given the prisoner sepsis (followed by expensive civil suits, cancellation of insurance, loss of professional standing, etc).

    Anyway, since we have been on the subject of far-eastern death penalties recently, what do they do in Singapore? Cane you to death? I believe crushing to death by elephants has been used out east in the past.

  5. There’s the story of the retarded guy who was given his last meal and saved his dessert for after the execution.

  6. My thoughts on reading this when I saw the IQ of 69 were ‘what is Richard Murphy doing in Singapore?’ but then I realized I was reading the wrong story in error….

  7. Vice: ” IQ doesn’t measure anything, Nazi bigots!”

    Also Vice: ” How dare they execute a man with low IQ!”

  8. @Addolff If you must execute, it shall be done according to Protocol**, because else it would be simply murder.
    It’s about the people performing the execution, not the one being executed. Rituals are Important in these cases.

    ** yes, said Protocol can and will contain Sillyness. nevertheless.

  9. Pierrepoint was fined a £1 after each execution wasn’t he? And in China, the family of the executed get a bill for the bullet I believe. All these ‘protocols’ to legitamise execution. Some on here don’t think the same way about the A word though.

  10. Shut the bastard(s) in a room with a pill and a glass of water, together with a clear indication that the door won’t be opened while they are still alive.

  11. Executing someone with such a low IQ is always a bit dodgy, because they’re so easily led. Having said that, it does answer the question: “How thick do you have to be to smuggle heroin into Singapore?” It’s not like the penalties aren’t made clear and Malaysia also has the death penalty for drug trafficking.

    Singapore hangs people BTW. Not so many these days according to wikipedia, ranging between 0 and 13 a year for the past decade. It hanged dozens of people each year before 2000. A former chief executioner (a Malaysia-born Indian) died recently, having dealt with 850 people over his career (1959-2006).

  12. @KevinS…

    “Covid 19 saves lives!”

    We’ve known that for a while. In 2019 (ie last year BC “Before Covid”) the average age of death in the UK was 81.3 years. It would appear that the average age of death “with Covid” is 82.4 years. Therefore you live longer with Covid. 🙂

  13. “Executing someone with such a low IQ is always a bit dodgy, because they’re so easily led.”

    Well, are they going to do it again? Not if they’re executed. But likely if they’re so easily led.

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