Replace cannot with should not

You cannot preach about going green from the luxury of your private jet
Despite the obvious hypocrisy, this is a comfort that seems just too good to give up


A brief glance around the world shows that this is entirely possible Lucy. What is meant is that you should not…..

5 thoughts on “Replace cannot with should not”

  1. No, there is no reason why they should not. In fact, I am very keen on them doing it. There is no more effective way to get the average punter to reflect on the sincerity of those involved.

  2. COP26 was a great success. Nothing much decided, and the hypocrisy of the elite on full display. A few million became more sceptical.

  3. I noticed that the hypocrisy of COP26 was more widely discussed and condemned than previously. Is it just me, or is there a sea change?

    The next thing I want to see and haven’t yet is the daft statements of climate catastrophists to be examined critically. Not taking their shite for granted or arguendo like Tim does.

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