She should celebrate this

Kamala Harris is least popular US vice-president in at least 50 years

At least enough people know who she is to be able to say they don’t like her.

12 thoughts on “She should celebrate this”

  1. For anyone yet to be acquainted, just look at the propaganda she did with the child actors for NASA.

    She’s like that childless aunt who always insisted on kissing your cheek and wore too much perfume, and acted waaaaay to happy to see you.

  2. I wonder who is actually running the US? Creepy Joe doesn’t know what day it is. Harris’s presence at the border and NASA suggests whoever is in control wants her nowhere near the levers of power.

  3. @Rbfjjdjc

    Yeah but those NASA kids will be able to see things with their eyes! With their own eyes! Not someone else’s eyes but their own eyes!

  4. It reminds me of Charles II’s response. Asked by his brother why he did not fear assassination he replied “You, Jamie”.
    Biden displayed some low cunning in his choice, and the Secret Service blesses him every day for it.

  5. Is it racist to refer to her as Caramel Harlot?

    In other words, the “Harlot” is defensible but is the “Caramel” a low blow?

    P.S. Yesterday I saw a reference to Biden’s trickle-down economics. I suppose that’s an allusion to his incontinent spending plans.

  6. As a former Californian, I will post my previous synopsis of Kamala Harris:

    Kama Sutra Harris is said to have started her political career literally under California politician Willie Brown (some real nomative determinism there). She was ineffective as California Attorney General. She achieved nothing as US Senator.

    In 2020 she tried running for President, but dropped out before the first primary in Iowa due to poor polling. She was chosen as Bunker Brandon’s running mate due to her having the right intersectionallity and a personality that wouldn’t outshine Brandon.

    She has continued to perform that role admirably. Her availability for press conferences is less than Brandon’s. As Border Czar, she has been non-existent. The greatest achievement is that she has improved her cackle from annoying to irritating.

  7. Well…at least half the vice-presidents are disqualified from comparison.. After all, 99% of people wouldn’t even be able to recollect their names..

    At least she broke that particular hurdle.

  8. Actually, that’s pretty impressive, considering the field: she is liked less than, say, Spiro Agnew…

    One of my favourite Private Eye covers (from an era when it was still funny).

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