Stop recycling the shit then

The significant decrease in local authority waste going to landfill has been accompanied by a greater proportion being incinerated for energy recovery rather than recycled or composted in England. This has caused waste emissions to rise since 2014,” the NIC said.

“The net zero target is a key driver for change in the waste sector over the next three decades.

Stick it in he holes in the ground instead and we’re done, right?

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  1. Bloke in North Korea (Germany province)


    Stick it in holes in the ground and it gives off carbon dioxide and methane over years.

    Stick it in an incinerator and it heats and lights houses for roughly similar carbon emissions.

    Which of the two is the best, if not (in the eyes of zero-everything fanatics) perfect, solution?

    Zero-everything fanaticism has to be stopped. The effort wasted on the diminishing returns of 98%-solved problems, be it carbon emission, racism/phobia, coronavirus, is deeply destructive.

  2. The focus is always on “zero”. Not the operative word, “net”.
    The nutters probably can’t pass wind without worrying about the ozone layer or polar bears or something.

  3. BINK(GD) nails it. Let’s burn it to stop the methane coming out. In climate change terms this is a win. The science says so. Do they not want to follow the science?

  4. Bloke in North Korea (Germany province)

    The incineration route kills coronavirus as well. As that is the thought-terminating argument of the times I commend it to the house.

  5. Antarctica has just recorded the coldest six months since records began seventy odd years ago. Greenland recorded the biggest single day gain in ice ion record, in August a full month before normal. Didn’t make the mainstream media. Very inconvenient for the narrative. My bet is that the first climate refugees will be heading towards the equator especially if governments are going to make heating homes expensive and unreliable.

  6. LJH, Al Jazeera noted this morning that Hobart, Tasmania has had it’s coldest November day in 68 years. Oh, dear, perhaps the wheels are coming off the CAGW gravy train.

    BTW, ‘scientists / experts’ tell us the rising CO2 along with rising temperatures proves they are right regarding fossil fuels, but CO2 rose by 8% when temperatures were going down (1945 – 1979).

    As someone else noted, CO2 = the miracle molecule.

  7. To xref the kettle item: when the sea warms, it outgasses CO2. Hence CP2 in atmosphere goes up.
    Indeed ‘global’ temperature and CO2 are correlated.
    But the causality is the other way around.

    Actually, the correlation is between temperature and delta-CO2. Try explaining that the AGW way without strangling your tongue.

    But don’t worry about global warming. The sun has entered another minimum, so it’s another hundred years of little ice age for us. Thank God for coal, uranium and greenhouse agriculture.

  8. “To xref the kettle item: when the sea warms, it outgasses CO2. Hence CP2 in atmosphere goes up.”

    That’s odd because I’ve just read something told me the warming oceans are becoming more acidic from absorbing more CO2.
    It is indeed a magic molecule! It can do anything a climate change enthusiast needs done.

  9. You’re definitely right, BiNK(GP). The trash should be burned.

    By no sort of coincidence, back those many years ago when I was a boy, everyone had an incinerator in their backyard, and what could be burned was burned.

    My pyromania has persisted.

  10. @Boganboy,

    And several incinerators in each house. (Open coal fires). My aunt (Dad’s sister) had one in the kitchen, and burned potato peelings among other things. She made the best chips I ever tasted, because she used fat, not oil.

    I worshipped that woman and her cooking.

  11. BiS, “the oceans are becoming more acidic”. I know this is an oft repeated comment from the eco nutter lunatic crowd, but it is complete bullshit. The oceans are basic – ie: have a Ph above 7 (around 8.1 but varies). 7 is fresh water. Adding acid to the oceans does not make it more acidic, but less basic, ie: closer to being fresh water, but this doesn’t sound scary and is just more weasel words used to scare the uneducated.

  12. Bloke in North Korea (Germany province)

    Tim’s site still won’t take my comment on the joys of being lectured by Sw**disch Sch***lgirls.

    Maybe I will try again tomorrow.

  13. One thing I’ve noticed in the aftermath of the whole Climatewaste Conference, is that a number of news outlets of the Grauniad/Eco leaning bent very subtly have referred to nuclear as a possible necessity.

    Nothing dramatic, just the “For Dummies” explanations and Infomercials about the actual existence and mode of operation of modern nuclear “miniplants”. Y’know, the stuff they usually use to push the climate/lifestyle agenda. Without even screaming “BAAAAD!!! Eviiilll!!” all the way.

    Maybe, just maybe, some of the editors have finally found their pocket calculators, and looked up the terms “brownout” and “rolling blackout”.
    We’re already a decade too late in starting to build them, but there is some hope for a measure of sanity.

  14. @Addolff
    Parts of China experiencing coldest and most snow ever last week

    +1 on ‘acidic’ sea water

    Maybe Gret-ah the Foetal Alcohol Goblin of Doom has been banned

  15. Bloke in North Korea (Germany province)

    OK, let’s try again. Far less saucy or insulting than one might imagine.

    In reply to bis:

    That will presumably be a partial pressure thing. So absorption or out-gassing will be dependent on local temperature and local CO2 concentration in the water and the atmosphere.

    Net flow between ocean and atmosphere will be dependent on all kinds of things, what happens to the surface water that has either absorbed or lost CO2 – how deep it goes, how cold it gets and how long it stays there, and whether any of that CO2 gets turned into some insoluble form, to be simplistic.

    Pointless Words inserted to bamboozle filter

    I am so, so grateful that we have such intelligent and educated Scandinavian students who can model that for us and tell us that the model definitely, definitely proves that we must stop enjoying life to avoid the burning fire after we are dead.

  16. Bloke in North Korea (Germany province)

    Nope, still doesn’t work.

    Tim, your spam filter really doesn’t like something about my text.

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