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Italy’s fond farewell to top restaurateur and ‘father of Tirasmu’

Tiramisu, no?


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  1. His wife and a chef created it–via pillow talk?. But its his? And it was served in an eatery in Pieris. Some town in Italy. Or the cloth-cap Paris.

    Tiasmu sounds like some shite only an alien would eat anyway.

  2. Tirasmu sounds like he should be a tyrranical ruler of somewhere ancient and exotic, like Persia or India, overthrown by the hero Zabaglion.

  3. @Bernie G., Try the Crepes Suzette cooked at your table in the Ritz Restaurant. Last time I checked on the sample menus on their website it was only £43 per person, which is great value, especially when washed down with a bottle of Ritz Reserve champagne.

  4. When we go to our favourite French bistro in the UK, we always have Crêpes Suzette*, because it’s only a £2 supplement on the (very competitive) prix fixe, and the spectacle of it being cooked at the table is well worth it.

    * cue for a Kenneth Williams song, I think

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