There will be screeching

Transgender prisoners who identify as female and have been convicted of sexual offences should be housed in male estates, peers have urged as they call for a change in the law.

This week, the House of Lords will debate a tabled amendment to the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill that will call for female transgender prisoners, who were born male, to serve their sentence in male estates if they have been convicted of sexual offences.

As I’ve been saying for some time now, sometimes the differences between cis and trans matter, even if most of the time they don’t. The thing being that when they do matter then we need to discriminate in treatment – the definition of when they matter being when the discrimination is necessary.

At one end, checking prostates is obvious enough. At a wildly silly other end of the same spectrum, the right to trial by jury isn’t something that varies dependent upon a GRC or not.

OK, so which prison? Someone unsurgically reconstructed and quite possibly not even on hormones found guilty of rape? Into the female or male estate? I don’t find that a difficult question to answer but apparently some in our society do….or rather they’re quick enough to answer in the wrong manner.

13 thoughts on “There will be screeching”

  1. Bloke in North Korea (Germany province)

    Play the language game back at them:

    Male prison > Prison for persons with an actual real penis
    Female prison > Prison for persons without an actual real penis

    Do the same for toilets, etc.

    It is, at the end of the day, largely (not entirely) an issue of genital configuration that drives the desirability of segregation.

  2. Not putting male sexual deviants in a women’s prison seems like common sense to me, but I suppose it might hurt some people’s feelings.

  3. Don’t call them ‘male’ and ‘female’ prisons.

    Just call them d’ckhead and cvnt prisons.

    If you’ve been a d’ckhead or cvnt, you go to the appropriate prison.


  4. If only convicted sexual predators complain about anatomical males in female prisons this would not be an issue: of course we discriminate by objective observation, not subjective perception.
    It’s the many who aren’t in jail who squawk about “gender identity” who drive this madness.

  5. ‘Plug’ and ‘Socket’ prisons & lavs?

    Now, where’s my RS232 gender-bender….have they been banned yet?

  6. “In the pokey” means in prison, so let’s find a definition that suits that traditional term and is defined in accordance with the fixtures and fittings.

    Prisons for those that poke, (“pokers” if you will) and prisons for those that are poked (pokees).

  7. Bloke in North Korea (Germany province)


    Aren’t all male prisons by definition prisons for both pokers and pokees?

  8. The only selection criteria should be: drop yer keks. Meat & Two Veg, that way. Love Tunnel, that way. If they scream that we should select by what’s in their head, then ok, trick cyclist prison that way.

  9. One could argue that all trannies, of whatever gender, should simply be dumped together.

    But the argument against this is it’d be a waste of money. So I’d have to say Tim, that your approach is the best one.

  10. Alternatively… Let them go to the female ward…
    But let the lovely and quite innocent and pure ladies inside know what they’re in for.

    Then let Mother Nature do the rest…

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