To replace that Wikipedia entry

But one proponent of deleting the page has stated on Wikipedia’s discussion page that “the view that the ideology of communism is somehow inherently violent is … anti-communist [point of view] pushing”.

Another supporter of deletion claims the entry on the deaths under Communism, estimated by some historians to be in the region of 100 million people, should not resort to “simplistic presuppositions that events are driven by any specific ideology”.

It has also been argued by one of the host of users who update and maintain Wikipedia that the page on mass killings under Communist regimes “is enabling a narrative and supports some fringe ideas about history”.

Replace the whole thing with a link to Robert Conquest, the link text being “I fucking told you so, you fucking fools”.

6 thoughts on “To replace that Wikipedia entry”

  1. Steve across the Pond

    The only reason the left hates “fascism” and “Nazism” is because they aren’t their authoritarian/totalitarian ideologies. For them, communism > fascism. Though the only thing communism has over fascism is a greater body count.

    I quote them because they define the terms as anything they disagree with.

    Not at all surprising coming from Wikipedia.

  2. …anti-communist [point of view] pushing”

    How is that a bad thing? Every decent human being should be anti-Communist.

  3. Anti-socialist. There is no distinction between them except the degree of the lying sanctimony that the Left plays on. Time Wiki was gone anyway.

    Some Gulag time would benefit the lying scum trying to use Wiki to spread their socialist garbage.

  4. Correlation (mass murder only happening in communist dictatorships) is not causation. Well to me it looks like it. But you have to give credit to the lying scum for trying.

  5. The view that malaria kills millions each year is anti-malaria. Therefore delete the page on malaria.


  6. Imagine an “encyclopedia” having stuff in it that is Inconvenient To The Current Narrative…

    Good way to Barbara Streisand it, though… I see another Editing War coming up… 😉

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