Well, that’s a relief then!

Eighty per cent of women do not report rape or sexual assault to police

So, that’s 80% of society free from the plague.

Ah, that’s not what they mean:

Eighty per cent of women who experience rape or sexual assault are not reporting the crimes to police, research has revealed.

And all through it is “rape or sexual assault” which does rather depend upon which definition of “sexual assault” is being used, doesn’t it?

After all, whatever definition is used three’s a borderline where something could be but turns out not to be. Or even, where some would call it such and others would not.

17 thoughts on “Well, that’s a relief then!”

  1. Once again, a serious problem is masked by allowing the zealots to frame the rules. It looks like “rape or sexual assault” can cover everything from “he looked at my tits” to full-blown violent rape, which means that the 0.001% of the serious and dangerous latter problem will disappear into the “noise” of the former. Net result is that toss-all will get done – apart from a lot of hysterical shrieking.

  2. Without knowing the research design this is totally useless. The most significant thing will not be reported because the press searches for headlines not truth.
    (And no, I did not click through.)

  3. I liked this bit:

    “Only 31 per cent of women surveyed were confident that the judicial system achieves justice for victims like them, research finds”

    Whereas if you have been burgled or have gyppos camped on the common making life difficult, I guess you have much more confidence in the system.

  4. Scientists must publicise data, methods, and sources with their conclusions.
    Journalists and “Surveyors” never do, and fight tooth and nail not to have to when (rarely) forced.

    And we should trust the latter to bring us Truth?

  5. “He raped me with his eyes, Officer!”

    “Good! Let’s get a sample of the eye boogers for DNA evidence.”

  6. @Grikath
    “Scientists must publicise data, methods, and sources with their conclusions.”

    What planet are you living on ?

  7. Grikath, Bane of Basketweavers

    @Gunker. This one here.
    It may be that my definition of Science is in line with me being a fully paid-up member of the Patriarchy and as such the view of an Evil Cis-Hetero Male Nazi Troglodite with a distinct lack of understanding and/or respect for the “Social Sciences” , though.

  8. Supporter of Climate Fantasy:
    Yes – so do we all. Some of us understand what that will require, and others (you, in particular) blurt inanities and non-sequiturs. Why not just try to stay out of the way?

  9. @Greta

    If, by ‘rape’, you mean: a violent assault including penetration – I’m with you sister. If, by ‘rape’, you mean: I got pissed out of my skull and slept with some random guy, which I now regret – not so much.

    Which is it? And what proportion of reported rapes do you think it accounts for?

  10. Rape is an evil crime. It is not inane or a non-sequitur to say rape is an evil crime. It is a vital part of the argument. I do not know why you are annoyed by me saying this.

  11. If she was a Lefty woke..

    Man protecting her would be sexual assault:
    I was in his arms, to be precise. He had extended them outward and forward so that they grasped my shoulders. I had drawn my elbows towards my body and put out my palms so that they pushed against his chest

    Rape: 80% are morning after regret due to beer googles and applies to men too

  12. Supporter of Innumeracy:
    I’m not responding solely to this instance. So far the S/N on your contributions here has been just about the worst I’ve seen.

  13. Keep cultivating your rape fantasies, Greta’s girlfriend and don’t forget to change the batteries on your vibrator.

    Easiest way to deal with a troll – if one must – is to out-troll them. Just keep raising the ante until they fold.

    There’s a great bit of pr0n I was Whatsapped by a correspondent today. Somebody’s used a bit of software – possibly DeepFaceLab – to fold St Greta’s face over some young wench enthusiastically getting all her orifices reamed out. Several minutes of it in graphic detail. With any luck it’ll go viral.

  14. BiS
    Thanks, but no point in out-trolling Supporter-of-Idiocy – xe isn’t annoying enough to be worth the effort.

  15. Surely the conclusion is that 80% of rape victims- by whatever definition is in use- do not think the matter worth making a fuss about.
    Whether that is because of an overbroad definition, or something else, is impossible to say.

  16. There’s an interesting article in UnHerd on the current moral panic about ‘spiking’. It confirms my suspicion that it’s most unlikely that anyone could inject a drug allowing them to rape somebody without rendering half their victims unconscious (or dead).

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