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You don’t really sack a barrister

Stonewall is facing a tribunal over claims it tried to have a “gender critical” barrister sacked, after a judge refused to throw the case out.

Allison Bailey, a lesbian criminal barrister who helped to found the LGB Alliance, a charity that allegedly broke away from Stonewall over its stance on transgender inclusion – is currently suing Stonewall.

Ms Bailey claims that the charity collaborated with her chambers, because it was a fee-paying member of the charity’s embattled Diversity Champions scheme, to place her under investigation.

The barrister claims that as a result of a row over her views on transgender issues, she had lost work and income.

Given that barristers are self-employed and all. Apparently they tried to get her thrown out of chambers, fewer cases going her way and so on. But not really sacked – although we know what they mean of course.

4 thoughts on “You don’t really sack a barrister”

  1. “a lesbian criminal barrister”

    A barrister who only works for lesbian criminals?

    Probably not much trade there in the first place.

  2. I had this meeting with a barrister and our usual lawyer. Quite early days. I laid out the situation with the background. Barrister asked a few more questions, which i answered, then m’learned friend went straight into “right we’ll do it this way”… i went “hold on,slow down, let’s first get to the options, and i think we skipped the bit where i make a choice on the way we do it.” M’learned friend said “you’ve hired me for my professional advice, so you’re going to follow it, why waste time?, but we can of course go through it all i don’t mind you’ll be paying for that too.” I looked at our lawyer and said – “i think we’ll need to find another barrister”. and that was the end of the meeting. It wasn’t really the advice it was the delivery of the advice and you know couldn’t be doing with that personality type for something important that might go on for a while and crucially where we didn’t have to.

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