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Given today’s news about the unvaccinated being barred from shops and bars (see https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/live/uk-59501192) surely a heading of “Jab Macht Frei” is in order, coupled with the historical observation that Germany doesn’t like to be out-nazied by the Austrians?



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  1. I have printed off an inverted red triangle with the capital letter E, to go on the back of my exemption card. If no one resists we are fucked.

  2. Oi, two comments with the ‘comment awaiting moderation’ notification. Have I stumbled onto Faceache, Twatter or the ‘Chinese Government Approved Comment only’ blog by mistake?

  3. Impfung Macht Frei might be more elegant and as to the historic rivalry between Prussia and Austro-Hungary, this tends to play out in favour of the former.

  4. S-Antikörper macht frei

    Of course the N-antibodies appear to be the ones you’d prefer to have with the Nu variant ascending as its membrane protein has fewer mutations than the spike.

  5. In all nations following this path to evil–which is intended to be ALL of them–the people need to realise that this is a worldwide powergrab. And is the final proof that BiS is absolutely wrong in his “Govt bungling” fantasies. Yes everyone hoped he was right but it is now obvious that some crew behind the scenes are pushing all this shite. We hear nothing about how things are going in shitholes like Scotland/Wales–which suggests to me that things aren’t going so well for the scummy state. I have already been in several shops maskless and will be going to ASDA at the weekend to ensure enough supplies. We must resist. Whinging is no fucking earthly use.

  6. I was just thinking this morning in the Peoples Republic of Jacindaland, that the last time I was asked to show my papers was when crossing the East German border in 1966.

  7. A majority of those infected with “Omicron” are double jabbed – “fully vaccinated”.

    In response, Sage calls for vaccine passports.

    They’re not even pretending to be “scientific”; it’s all about the introduction of socialism/fascism.

  8. @Mr Ecks

    Yet again appears we are still in EU

    Tory chairman Oliver Dowden MP says ‘No mandatory jabs As Long As people get the booster’
    JHB: “As Long As ?”

    +1 on it is not a conspiracy to say It’s not a Gov’t cocckup and never has been. One, two maybe three Gov’ts cocking up same way may be true. ~!80 Gov’ts making and repeating same cockups is not plausible

  9. Dowden–like his BlueMarxist master Johnson– can inject his edicts into his dick. If he has a microscope and a needle small enough. Their powergrab is coming apart.

    As for the Axis powers –so much for 80 years of anti-fascist lessons–their plan seems to be to hand the –literally millions –of unvaxed a hammer and order them to beat their own brains out.

    Sorry Govt scumbags–not going to work out for you.

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