A useful explanation for The Guardian

I did a postgraduate course in magazine journalism at City University in London and got a job on The Guardian’s website.

I was later a sports sub-editor, but had no eye for detail. Chelsea and Liverpool were both knocked out of the FA Cup by lower league opposition, a huge deal, and I got both scorelines the wrong way round on a double page.

Not a useful explanation for The Guardian to use, but a useful explanation for The Guardian.

4 thoughts on “A useful explanation for The Guardian”

  1. My thought is, just how difficult is it to get something like that right? My interest in football, if it could be measured, would produce a negative number, but I’m certain that I wouldn’t make such a basic mistake. I suppose that in engineering an eye for detail is a bit more important. Such screw ups tend to end up being very expensive.

  2. Welll, the Mirror ran a match report of a League Cup game involving Liverpool back in 2006 or so. Benitez was manager, and one of the first team centre-backs was a big, blond Finn named Sami Hyppia. The game was on the telly-box, so I watched it.

    The match report revolved around how well Hyppia had played, tackles, blocks, passes made etc, etc.

    Unfortunately, he didn’t play. The big blond fella at centre-back was one of the 18/19 year-olds out of the youth set-up.

    Whoever put the line-ups under the report, got it right.

  3. So much for my argument that at least the Grauniad gets the football scores right. Though a mathematician might say the scores were right to within a simple reversal.

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