All hail government picking winners!

Millions of energy bill payers face the threat of disruption after the Government announced it will phase out the mobile signal used by smart meters.

The 2G and 3G networks which the meters use to communicate are to be turned off in 2033 to free up space for more advanced 5G signals that will underpin driverless cars and smart cities.

It means the industry will now need to carry out sweeping changes to smart meters relying on these older mobile networks by upgrading them to 4G.

The Telegraph understands work is underway between government and industry to ensure there is a smooth transition to the new generation of smart meter technology.

That roll out of the first generation was plagued by them not working. The second generation is just being installed now. All of which will be useless in 12 years time. Well done that man, vry well done.

We had to move from incandescent to CFL. Then a decade later to LED. Because government insisted.

And that EV thing – what if fuel cells and H2 become the tech of choice? Or synthetic hydrocarbons? How much fucking gelt will have been wasted by these idiots?

12 thoughts on “All hail government picking winners!”

  1. Don’t talk to me about them abolishing the good old 100 watt bulb. Worthless bastard twisty things they replaced them with. When I go into the shop the bloody things are marked in lumens, instead of watts, as God intended.

    And now of course the turds have introduced Edison’s screw fittings to screw you with, instead of the bayonet fitting, as Allah intended. (See Al-Jazari).

    Though I must confess the bloody LED’s seem to work well in the chandeliers in my living room, so I suppose even the gummint can get things right occasionally.

  2. The government hasn’t bet on EVs: all low-emission cars qualify for the subsidy.

    Where they have bet is on the infrastructure: subsidies for domestic and workplace charger installation; and incentives for local authorities to install public charging points.

  3. That’s why I never took the vax, because no one could guarantee that the nanobots would get regular updates.

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    Nobody can say they didn’t see this coming. The MNOs have been agitating for spectrum refarming since at least 2005 and it was in their plans that they discussed with Ofcom well before that.

  5. “And that EV thing – what if fuel cells and H2 become the tech of choice?”

    It’s not just about the tech of the car, it’s the stuff around it. How do you solve the problem of thousands of people heading for Padstow on a bank holiday, all wanting to fill up. Can we build that infrastructure? What changes do we need?

    And are EVs the best answer? I’m not talking about mandating solutions or being a hippy, but in terms of greed incentives, Amazon, Ocado, Spotify, Uber, e-bikes, e-scooters, liftshare, even contactless payments on buses make car ownership less attractive. They make the idea of trading in a slightly battered car for an EV to save money very unattractive. If you’re only doing 1000 miles a year, how much do you save by switching? Is it even worth fitting the gubbins to charge up your plug-in hybrid at home, or do you just run it on petrol? Or maybe you just pay for more taxis and rent a car when you need one?

  6. When taxis don’t need drivers, the price will tumble. For some, the cost of car won’t be worth paying.

  7. You are choking once again on Johnsons delusional BS lads.

    5G adds up to the “driverless” car does it? No it fucking does not because you mugs will be on Shanks Pony. There will be no fucking EV for ordinary mugs just as no flying for ordinary mugs either. Johnson has his Marxist greenfreak plans and they don’t include a pennys-worth of concern for ordinary mugs. Insect-paste mixed with bullshite will be your fare and forget Johnsons BS.

    Unless you have the balls to stand up and stop the eco-shite.

  8. Nobody can say they didn’t see this coming. The MNOs have been agitating for spectrum refarming since at least 2005 and it was in their plans that they discussed with Ofcom well before that.

    Of course Ofcom are aware, and there’s probably even a few people working there who understand and can explain the differences between 1/2/3/4/5G. But will anyone have thought to communicate with their colleagues in BEIS? It would seem not.

  9. I didn’t realise “smart” meters used the mobile phone network, I thought they used short-distance WiFi and they were read by driving past your property.

  10. Having just driven in more northerly climes I’d love to see how well driverless cars work in conditions where they can’t even keep the road clear and your driving on packed snow and the definition of road means the space between the snow banks

  11. @BniC

    So called “driverless” cars are another example of what might be called Mary Sue Technology. Fantastic in PowerPoint world, which can be bent to accommodate them, essentially useless in the real world which cannot.

    The equivalent of the empowered woman kicking the shite out of men twice her size, or those wondrous depictions of white, middle class family life that seems to be pretty well ubiquitous in advertising these days (with hardly any white people).

    Ditto milk floats, windmills, solar panels, heat pumps…….

    That said, for once maybe the propaganda might be right. Aren’t “smart” meters helping to “revolutionise” the power grid (although it’s always referred to as energy system) to make it better for “renewables”?

    If by that they mean not work at all.

    Stopped clock and all that.

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