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‘It parodies our inaction’: Don’t Look Up, an allegory of the climate crisis, lauded by activists
Adam McKay’s end-of-the-world film is a ‘powerful’ depiction of society’s response to scientific warnings, campaigners say

Uhnh Hunh.

I’m a climate scientist. Don’t Look Up captures the madness I see every day
Peter Kalmus
A film about a comet hurtling towards Earth and no one is doing anything about it? Sounds exactly like the climate crisis

No one? Anything?

Mow maybe we’re not following the eschatology of the Swedish Goblin but who can look around contemporary society and say we’re doing nothing? Not even the scientists say we’re doing nothing.

It’s possible to start shouting about not enough – I’d disagree but so what – and all that but nothing?

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  1. Funnily enough, I watched the movie last night, on the recommendation of my daughter.

    Very entertaining. Vain, venal, incompetent politicians (great line “they (the pols)are not smart enough to be as evil as you give them credit for”), insane billionaire able to buy said politicians (on the spectrum, not unlike a certain BG), shallow TV presenters (Cate Blanchett does look good though), a consensus of scientists (NASA, ho hum) rubbishing the three honest scientists.
    It is global warming / covid writ large, but in exactly the opposite way Peter Kalmus thinks. In the movie the fearmongers were right.

    p.s. If you do watch the film, stay to the end of the main credits…….

  2. There was an asteroid recently that missed the Earth by five million miles or so. Like skimming the crossbar, astronomically.

    Oh well, better luck next time.

  3. The article says the film was thought to be shite by professional critics, but the activists loved it.

    That must be tough for Guardian readers, who usually want to be seen to have excellent aesthetic judgement, but who virtue-signal over the environment.

  4. Does Jennifer Lawrence get her kit off? If not, won’t be watching it.
    If promoted by the Grundiag, definitely won’t be watching it.

  5. JL does not get her kit off.

    I thought it was a funny film with just enough to think about. And I didn’t see any link to climate change, not least because the scientists actually had evidence.

  6. asiaseen, as Prof. Bignell may have said, “Putting “climate” in front of “science” is the same as putting “witch” in front of “doctor”.

    And I saw the film the exact opposite way to the gruniad / activists. In reality, everyone (the scientific consensus, media, politicians, activists)HAS bought into the asteroid man made global warming is going to kill us all story and it is only us deniers who think it won’t.

  7. Alexandra Ottokring Cortes

    “it’s more important to be morally right than factually correct”.

    Good old AOC, is she USA’s version of Dianne and Benny Burgon or are they British versions of her ?

  8. Funnily enough was talking about it with a friend and felt that the entire thing and the media and social media trying to make it about climate science was exactly what the film was sending up in the first place and the people doing that had really missed the point in the first place

  9. For those still yapping on about climate change, my response is just look at the last 21 months… and don’t forget if you are ‘fully’ vaccinated you CANNOT get CoVid and spread the virus, and if at least 70% are ‘fully’ vaccinated then we can stop the spread and return to normal.

    ‘The science’, ‘experts’ – it’s all make-believe to achieve political/ideological ends.

    Anyone who cannot see the parallel is not paying attention.

  10. ‘ Anyone who claims “I’m a climate scientist” is certainly NOT a scientist.’

    There are no degrees in climate science, it is not a bona fide discipline like physicist, or biologist it is a pass-time, so any one of us can be a ‘climate scientist’.

  11. I have to say that I don’t get American humo(u)r.
    I watched the whole thing on the recommendation of the wife, who said it was good (and had Jennifer Lawrence in it).
    The whole thing was so earnest and po-faced and so utterly, utterly tedious. The jokes were obvious in the extreme, and you could tell it was the n’th installment in the ‘orange man bad’ saga.
    What a waste of a quality, quality cast. The only exception being Ariane Grande who should win an Oscar for playing a snide, narcissistic airhead.

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