An interesting claim

Rape survivors who arrive in the UK on small boats across the Channel are being neglected by the authorities while others are being inadequately treated for life-changing injuries, a damning report has disclosed.

Inspectors found that suicidal women who had been repeatedly raped by people smugglers were not adequately supported after arriving on UK soil.

Crimes committed upon foreigners, by foreigners, in foreign, are somehow our fault. The Monty Python one where we should tax foreigners living in foreign countries was at least a joke, although Murphy has since picked it up as an actual proposal.

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  1. These people are committing the crime of illegal entry into the UK and the Guardian claims that the UK has some sort of responsibility for any difficulties they suffer in doing so?

    I simply do not agree with the basic assumptions underlying their whining.

  2. Just saw a bit on the telly about the changes in the human rights law and how they would affect poor innocent people.
    A Portuguese bloke who has been living in the UK for 17 years now faces deportation.
    For breaking the law.
    Not once, not twice, but 17 times in those 17 years, two of which ended up with a stretch. the other 15 were for nothing – you know, burglary, theft, that sort of thing.

    It’s just so unfair.

  3. Those poor unaccompanied minors arriving at Dover are a major part of the reason why social workers are too busy to protect British children from murderous abusers.

  4. The USA taxes people living in foreign countries. For the most part it is US citizens and green card holders. However, they do sometimes declare non-citizens (or aliens as they prefer to call them) living in foreign countries to be us person for tax purposes and tax them. Generally speaking they only do it to people who have invested a large sum of money in the USA, typically through a hedge fund.

    Such aliens get around this by using an off shore blocking corporation to make the investment through.

    The scary thing is that the actual USA law states that the USA can tax any entity in the world if they want: A person, a company or even a pet cat. The only thing actually stopping them is the guidance the treasury provides to the IRS on which people outside the USA the IRS should tax. However, this is only regulatory guidance and the treasury secretary can change it whenever they want.

  5. When will we get a Guardian, or any other MSM outlet, article about the thousands of English girls raped, tortured and abused by Muslim men living in England every year?

    I suppose English lives don’t matter….

  6. @ Jonathon.

    The Guardian and the other leftie organisations only care about people who are raped if they are part of their in-group.

    The english girls who were the victims of the Asian grooming gangs are part of the out group. Therefore they are people who are not to be cared about.

  7. The left: the authorities should intervene to protect vulnerable migrant females who have been abused.

    Also the left: if anyone in authority intervenes to protect vulnerable migrant females who have been abused – then we’ll send you to jail, fucking nazi bitch.

    Denmark’s former immigration minister is JAILED for ordering asylum seeking couples to be separated if one was a minor in a bid to stamp out child marriage

  8. PJF – the Right will never win until it learns from the Left. The Left sees laws and institutions as a means of punishing and humiliating their enemies.

  9. PJF, it’s interesting that what the couples have done is illegal, but the taking of action to stop it is also a crime.

    One presumes that if she’d done nothing, she’d still be guilty.

  10. Salamander, you’re right. The left despises the English in general, and the English working class in particular.

    Steve, yes there are a few – very few – honourable exceptions.


    But then what will it have won?

    Power, and the ability to use it against our enemies i.e exactly what the left does.

  11. If one reads carefully, it’s “rape victims who arrive in small boats”.

    Obviously, it’s the small boats which are the problem.

    We’ll just need to destroy them and the problem will go away.

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