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Parliament repairs could force MPs out of the building for 20 years
Repairs could cost £14 billion and take much longer than planned, while skilled craftsmen to do the work are in short supply

Umm, it’s a Palace, right? So, make Brenda pay for it – after all, it’s unlikely to be a fully repairing lease, is it?

Or, more accurately, make the Crown Estate pay it. Knock the costs off the tax bill. But at least that way we’d know we have an efficient organisation handling it all.

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  1. HTFS can it cost 14 billion? 14 thousand million? If you broke it down to all the individual tasks required, wouldn’t cost anything like that. It’s a refurb job, that’s all. Just a big one.
    Although I’ve absolutely no doubt they’ll manage to go over that estimate.

  2. If that number is accurate then the building should be turned into a museum and a new building should be constructed at a fraction of the cost.

  3. Sam, as with most government ideas, the projected ‘savings’ will rapidly disappear into the ether and the replacement will end up costing more. To build. And will then be demolished as being too expensive to run. Rinse and repeat…….

  4. Flog it off to developers and build a modern parliamentary building somewhere near the middle of the country, i.e. in the East Midlands, where there are reasonable motorway and rail links, and maybe an airport. It gets rid of the London bias in politics (and frees Londoners of politicians), saves tons of tax payers’ money, and gives the country a parliamentary building that’s fit for purpose.

  5. Pull the ugly f****r down. It’s not as if it’s even particularly historic. Built from 1840-76 to replace the old one, burnt down. Half the buildings in Central London are older than that.

  6. It’s not Parliament being repaired, it’s the Parliamentary Buildings being repaired. Parliament isn’t the building, Parliament is the assemblage of people.

  7. Relocate Parliament to somewhere more….like pre-AC Washington.

    Gruinard Island perhaps.
    One ferry there in Feb, one ferry back in March. Do all your parliamentary business in those 4 weeks, or stay all year.

    Be amazing what could be accomplished if the wasters could only mess things up one month in 12.

  8. My suggestion: Flog to the building to developers with the proviso that a small part needs to be made into a museum. Build a new parliament building in Milton Keynes.

  9. In all seriousness & I’ve been involved in work like this. A particular task, performed by the blokes who get their hands dirty & are the only people on the job who know what they’re doing, may earn them 10 grand & cost a few thou in materials. The supervising architect alone may pick the same money. And it’ll be suits all the way up. Consultants will be rolling in it. Even on a simple project that 10 grand could be 100 or 200 thousand by the time it ends up on the final bill. This one will have so many layers of suits, the combined outfitters of Saville Row would be hard pressed to cope with the work.
    Worth remembering. When it was originally built, the frock coats & toppers would have been hard pressed to put together a football team between them. This is what we regard as progress.

  10. On the subject of moving parliament to the Midlands. I remember a discussion about Wembley stadium on Radio 4. A bid for doing a new national stadium to replace it was put in to have it somewhere near the NEC. Up front they had asked if it was worth putting in the bid in case it was the case that the Wembley site was a foregone conclusion. The answer was in the positive. The Birmingham bid was superior in every way, cheaper, bigger, better access, more central. They still went with Wembley. So I don’t think that moving Parliament would happen either.

  11. Stonyground
    I remember that debate and I thought at the time that there was nothing magical about Wembley except the name and reckoned the Brum plan far superior.
    Such a vanity project was the new stadium that nothing of the old one could be allowed to remain and the FA have had to whore it out at every opportunity to recoup the cost. Although to be fair, compared to the old Wembley it is paradisical, but still a bugger to get to.
    The existing Palace wasn’t really fit for purpose as a debating chamber in the 1840s, although the aircon was pretty innovative. Put the HoC and HoL in separate buildings and take the opportunity to reform both chambers: eg with the Commons on St Helena and the Lords on South Georgia. That should thin the numbers down a bit.

  12. Arthur’s got the first half right. Open an English parliament somewhere handy in the midlands. Open a British parliament in Berwick-upon-Tweed, its members to be drawn from the parliaments/assemblies of the constituent countries. It sits for one month a year, max.

    Win, win, win, win, win.

  13. P.S. And move the soi-disant Supreme Court to West Cumberland, all the year round. Or abolish it as an abhorrent relic of Blairismo.

  14. Relocate to Newham with the binding requirement that all MP’s along with associated civil servants etc are to live in the borough while Parliament is sitting.

    The only question will be what to do with the buildings in the other 11 months each year.

  15. This bit is pretty hilarious

    Officials also warned that a shortage of stonemasons, plasterers and historic window experts threatened the restoration works.

    Staff on the restoration and renewal programme conducted a survey of contractors and experts in the heritage sector to assess whether the UK has enough skilled craftsmen for the multi-billion-pound project.

    They found that skills such as furniture, textile and painting restoration, stained glass conservation and clockmaking were dwindling in Britain, with officials struggling to find workers to attend to the contents of the Victorian building.

    Over here in Clogland they’ve been renovating the Binnenhof, the Royal Residence, and a few other of such places for years now, and they never made an issue of any craftsman involved being Dutch. They simply hire experts/craftsmen who know their shit regardless of their nationality. Which (mostly) comes cheaper and gives better results.

    But noooooo… In the UK the expertise must be British… Imagine the Furriners finding out ( public secret, but…) the whole construction was shyte to begin with…

  16. They’re spending someone else’s money on themselves. And the blessed St Milton told us how that always works out.

  17. bloke in spain,

    “In all seriousness & I’ve been involved in work like this. A particular task, performed by the blokes who get their hands dirty & are the only people on the job who know what they’re doing, may earn them 10 grand & cost a few thou in materials. The supervising architect alone may pick the same money. And it’ll be suits all the way up. Consultants will be rolling in it.”

    It’s the same with everything government, or bloated rich organisations. The bureaucracy and bullshit rises to fill the available cash.

    It’s why HS2 is in the cost of billions. It’s not blokes driving machines to flatten surfaces and tunnel and lay track. It’s all the bullshit around it. People who are checking that there’s enough women, gays and blacks in the workforce. People checking that every supplier has ticked their anti-slavery policy box. People doing massive archaeological digs along the route (that are really not going to tell us anything new), rehoming various obscure wild newts.

  18. Move the capital to Liverpool or Newcastle. Would improve political balance. Would sort out the SCS as well. So Whitehall and Parliament can go. The Supreme Court can go with them.

  19. PJF “assessment”.. It’s the white collar variant of The Sucking of the Teeth, the Concerned Hum, and the Shaking of the Head in Sadness.

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