Apropos strange thoughts

So, hyenas are felids – cats – which occupy a dog – canid – sorta environmental space. Which is why dentition is like doggies and so on.

Not exactly and all that but about.

So, are there any canids that occupy felid sorta space?

You may or may not use bears as canids in your answer, as you wish.

Quite where this question came from I’ve no idea but there we are.

15 thoughts on “Apropos strange thoughts”

  1. Foxes with retractable claws seem quite feline. Not pack animals, good at prowling around gardens, fond of chickens belonging to kimono-clad lawyers, etc

  2. Closest to it is foxes, really. But there is no canid that is so …extremely specialised… as hyenas.

    Then again, afaik when it comes to prarie/savannah environments, it’s always been the cats that evolved to fill the top niches. Dogs don’t do heat well, after all, especially the big ‘uns.
    There may be a limit to the build, as even hyenas (dog-like as they are..) generally terrorise the night when things cool down…

  3. There’s a Christmas ad on TV that features a laughing hyena. Is it just my imagination, or does it resemble Chris Eubank?

  4. Mustelids are all very similar with their extremely flexible spines. More so than most cats except perhaps for the cheetah.

  5. Spotted Hyenas. The greatest of all the beasts – if a touch Millwall’ish. Don’t they occupy an entirely seperate category?

    Of course the females give birth through their clitoris (YELP!) and have a higher level of background testosterone than the average male of other mammals.

    Alll in all – don’t mess with.

  6. The grey fox, found on the west coast of N America, are one of the few candids that climb trees. Border Collies are quite catlike in their movements, but I think they’d bite you if you ever told them that. African lions are the only cat that I can think of that lives in packs, errr prides.

  7. Borders climb up trees as well… or rather run up them. The trouble then’s getting them down because they haven’t mastered the descent stage & are none too keen on heights.

  8. I was suitably impressed by the climbing ability of a friends Siberian husky when it came to garden fences, he spent ages plugging gaps at the bottom only to find it was going over the fence. As noted above they same to only be able to negotiate one direction of travel

  9. Apropos… Our host’s question isn’t “Strange”.

    He arrived, presumably under his own power, at a Question, that touches the heart of a basic question of what I’ve spent a couple of years at Uni for when I was Young.

    Linneaus asked the same question, and even with all the advances and “know we know” …..

    Nope… too. many. variables.

    Economics is *easy*

    Regards, an actual Biologist who is honest enough.

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