Astonishing, isn’t it?

On its current trajectory, this planet is bust. It is no longer a going concern. It is environmentally insolvent.

The forests are returning, agricultural land is returning to wilderness. London’s air – this being true of near everywhere in the rich world – is cleaner than it has been in 700 years. The rivers again have salmon in them.

We’ve turned that corner in the Kuznets Curve. The lust for a grant will turn an eye oblivious to that though, eh?

9 thoughts on “Astonishing, isn’t it?”

  1. I don’t think the planet generally cares… It actually throws a wobble or two our way itself quite regularly..
    And short of nuclear annihilation ( or Chinxlub/Russian Trap levels of environmental combo’s which amounts to the same..) , there isn’t much we can do to even eradicate ourselves, however hard we could try.

    But sackcloth-and-ashes is the current way to get grants for the grifters, so….

  2. And Ritchie says he will not be attending any Christmas parties this year. Obviously this is a principled position due to covid and not because he’s had no invitations due to the number of people he has fallen out with!

  3. Richard Murphy “SCA is going to two conferences in the next few weeks – the first next week”

    Gosh. Sustainable Cost Accounting is going to a CONFERENCE! Sounds impressive. SCA must be gaining traction. Will probably be hundreds there.

    Tom Hardy “Which conference is it next week?”

    Richard Murphy “Next week is a workshop at Copenhagen Business School, via zoom, of course”

    Oh. Not a conference. Just a meet up of one of the leftard echo chambers you’re associated with.

  4. If we were really back in the really good really old days, Ritchie would be the guest of honour at the Christmas party; they’d eat him.

    Luckily for him, and indeed the rest of us – I’m sure he’d taste awful – we can all eat plum pudding or mince tarts instead.

  5. I’ve posted the George Carlin sketch on the climate before, so won’t do so again, but the money shot is “the planet is fine…..the people are fucked”.

  6. “we can all … mince tarts instead.”

    That sounds interesting. How does one mince (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) a tart?

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